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Forum begins to bridge the housing-transportation divide

October 10, 2014
Advocates for sustainable transportation and affordable housing in San Francisco — who have been pitted against each other in this election — discussed their...

Endorsements 2014

Vote to give Muni more money, raise the minimum wage, discourage real estate speculation, and send Campos to Sacramento

Ralph Nader writes a letter to Rep. John Boehner

September 30, 2014
September 22, 2014Dear Speaker Boehner,While millions of hardworking Americans are working more and more for less and less, you and your House of Representatives...

Lee and UC Berkeley institute take on income inequality

September 10, 2014
Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) and U.C. Berkeley’s Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society are teaming up today in Washington DC to...

Urban decay

A family struggles to survive in crime drama 'Metro Manila'

Koch brothers and other right-wing outsiders challenge Bay Area minimum wage measures

August 22, 2014
In recent months, San Francisco and Oakland have unveiled ballot measures that would raise minimum wage for workers currently struggling with the Bay Area’s...

San Francisco Democratic Party decides on endorsements for November election

August 14, 2014
At a meeting lasting about four hours last night , the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee, the steering committee of the city’s Democratic...

Lee and Pelosi talk middle class jobs in unequal SF

August 13, 2014
House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-SF) joined Mayor Ed Lee at a press conference yesterday at Yerba Buena across from the construction site...

Chinese youth rally for a brighter future

High school students with Youth Movement of Justice Organizing (Youth MOJO) rally for a higher minimum wage and a tenant protection measure for the November ballot.

Alerts: August 6 – 12, 2014

August 5, 2014
THURSDAY 7 The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club's 2014 Dinner and Gayla City College of San Francisco's Mission Campus, 1125 Valencia, SF. milkdinner.eventbrite.com. 6-9pm, $40...

Time for change

Retail Workers Bill of Rights calls for labor improvements beyond a higher minimum wage

Arguments against minimum wage increase are out of touch

EDITORIAL"Will the SF minimum wage hike kill our restaurants?" Zagat SF tweeted last week.No, Chicken Little, it won't. Not even if you tweet it.Two...

Article details bullying and retribution by the Mayor’s Office

People are talking about this article from Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle about how much three fall ballot measures will cost the city, but many...

Beyond the bros

EDITORIALSan Francisco's rapid economic growth is increasingly being framed in reference to the Tale of Two Cities, and signs of its staggering wealth gap...

Guardian Intelligence: July 2 – 8, 2014

July 2, 2014
GUARDIAN ON THE MOVEThere were a couple of big changes for the Bay Guardian this week. We and our sister newspapers within San Francisco...

Oakland joins other Bay Area cities in seeking higher minimum wages

San Francisco isn’t the only Bay Area city looking to bump up its minimum wage rate. Alameda County today certified a ballot measure...

SF school board to consider minimum wage proposal tonight amid union battles UPDATED

Update : The minimum wage proposal won, and is now part of SFUSD's approved budget. "There will be a larger conversation in August when...

Justice delayed is justice denied

EDITORIAL Members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who try to identify with both the progressive movement and business-oriented Mayor Ed Lee —...

New minimum wage proposal less ambitious, has broader support

June 10, 2014
San Francisco bears the unfortunate distinction of having the fastest-growing income inequality nationwide. At the same time, the city may retain its more progressive...

Cash backwards

Ten things San Francisco should fund -- and 10 things it shouldn't -- to create a fair, equitable, and forward-thinking city budget

No real answers at question time

NO REAL ANSWERS AT QUESTION TIMEAt last week's Board of Supervisors meeting, Mayor Ed Lee showed up for Question Time, that scintillating moment when...

Dear United States: #Jessicastux discrimination shows SF inequality

Dear United States,Yes,  you've found San Francisco out. You've got us. Our city is not the bastion of equality we claim it to be. It's...

Photos: Oakland fast food workers join strike with #FastFoodGlobal movement

Last year, Bay Area fast food workers marched for higher wages. Today hundreds marched against Oakland restaurants serving Whoppers and Big Macs again, but...

Income gap

Dueling SF minimum wage increase measure headed for November ballot unless labor and business leaders can compromise on one