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Man for the moment?

John Rizzo's calm demeanor and steady progressivism may be the antidote to the sordid D5 supervisorial race

Economic cleansing, part two

Don't let realtors' cash determine the future of San Francisco

The sleazy money typhoon

October 29, 2012
CORRECTION: This article has been updated to correct inaccurate information. The flood of money into the San Francisco elections over the past month is mind-boggling....

Realtors and tech spending big to flip the Board of Supervisors

October 26, 2012
Wealthy interests aligned with Mayor Ed Lee, the real estate industry, big tech companies, and other downtown groups are spending unprecedented sums of money...

The Milk Club’s strange endorsement vote

October 24, 2012
The Harvey Milk Club has decided not to rescind its endorsement of Julian Davis for supervisor in District 5 -- although the vote may...

DCCC’s Mirkarimi resolution gets delayed

October 23, 2012
San Franciscans will get a chance to take a deep breath – and their politicians will be able to get past Election Day –...

Agnos and other progressives rally for Olague

October 22, 2012
A string of prominent local progressive leaders today offered their support to Sup. Christina Olague – including former Mayor Art Agnos, who announced his...

D5 shakeups flip the dynamics of that wild race

October 19, 2012
Wild and unsettling political dynamics have rocked the District 5 supervisorial race, with three major candidates having prominent endorsements withdrawn, the most significant...

Another bizarre Realtor video: London Calling

October 10, 2012
I don't know who the San Francisco Association of Realtors has hired to make its campaign videos, and the Realtor folks aren't calling me...

Promises, promises in district 5

October 3, 2012
Poor Magazine is not known for their love of politicians. Tiny Gray-Garcia, Poor Magazine co-founder and host of last night's District 5 supervisor debate,...

Endorsements 2012: San Francisco races

Rizzo and Selby for D5 supervisor. Our top choice in D1 is Eric Mar

Endorsements 2012: State and national races

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. Go Barack, and vote No on 35 for sexworker justice

Feinstein screws Breed

SHIT HAPPENED: The District 5 supervisorial race gets shaken up 

The gloves are coming off in competitive D5

September 21, 2012
Candidates in the District 5 supervisorial race – where one recent poll showed almost half of voters undecided about a field of imperfect candidates...

Endorsement interviews: London Breed for D5 supervisor

September 10, 2012
District 5 candidate London Breed has an amazing life story. She grew up in the Western Addition projects, living with her grandmother at a...

Olague faces her challengers during first D5 debate

Tonight's inaugural District 5 supervisorial debate will be a key test for Sup. Christina Olague – who has fallen from favor with many progressives...

Davis launches D5 campaign with fortuitous timing

When progressive activist Julian Davis formally launched his District 5 supervisorial campaign late last week with a well-attended kickoff party at the Peacock Lounge...

Mecke joins crowded District 5 supervisorial race

Progressive activist Quintin Mecke jumped into the District 5 supervisorial race today, echoing gentrification concerns raised this week by the Guardian and The New...


June 5, 2012
FRIDAY 8 Z Room 304, Redstone Building, 2940 16th St, SF. 7pm, $5-10 suggested donation. "Concurrently, the military banned long hair on males; mini-skirts;...

The battle of 8 Washington

Condos for millionaires approved with progressives split

The future of the DCCC

March 12, 2012
Now that Aaron Peskin is retiring as chair of the Democratic County Central Committee, and is not even seeking re-election, the future of a...

D5 candidates and constituents scrutinize Olague

San Francisco’s political lines are in the process of being redrawn. That’s true literally, with the current reconstitution of legislative districts based on the...

Lots of buzz and politicking around D5 appointment

December 20, 2011
There is eager speculation – and lots of public and private pressure being applied to Mayor Ed Lee – over the question of who...

The next D5 supervisor

November 10, 2011
Now that it appears Sup. Ross Mirkarimi will be the next sheriff -- and Ed Lee will be mayor for the next four years...