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Betting on Graton

Newest casino targeting Bay Area residents promises to share the wealth with workers and people of color

Building on progress

ABU ends picket of Lennar's Shipyard project after city agency agrees to oversee local hiring process

Da Mayor, local hire advocate

Even as Sup. John Avalos continues to be raked over the coals by San Francisco Examiner columnist Melissa Griffin for his so-called “peacocking, disrespectful...

Behind today’s unanimous vote for Chiu

For all the high-minded talk about diversity and working together on behalf of the public – and the relentless praising of their political colleagues...

Lee ducks tough questions about Alvarez and diversifying SF’s economy

For a career bureaucrat who was appointed mayor supposedly as a sort of straight-shooting un-politician, Mayor Ed Lee today once again demonstrated a real...

Aggressive Warriors

Waterfront basketball and concert arena moving quickly despite neighborhood concerns

Endorsement interviews: Norman Yee for D. 7 supervisor

Norman Yee, president of the School Board, is running in the tighly contested race for District 7, one of the most conservative districts in...

About that “acrimonious fall”

Catch this. Mayor Ed Lee's mayoral victory had nothing to do with millions of dollars in campaign contributions from private interests, a sophisticated get-out-the...

Lessons of the Avalos campaign

The mayoral candidate demonstrated what can be accomplished with a new kind of progressive leadership

Progressive group stands out as the lone Lee endorser

Mayor Ed Lee’s support by the wealthy power brokers and his checkered history with the Willie Brown administration has caused most progressive groups to...

A case for Avalos, Yee and Dufty

An SEIU 1021 political organizer explains his union's ranked choices

Team Avalos

As a mayoral candidate, Sup. John Avalos casts himself as a movement builder

As a candidate, Lee takes a few lumps

It was a lively scene at the Castro Theater Aug. 8 as leading mayoral contenders -- including interim Mayor Ed Lee, who that morning...

Civil Grand Jury slams shipyard development project

“The Civil Grand Jury concludes that the Hunter’s Point Shipyard redevelopment project will require more communication, more transparency, and more commitment from the City...

Behind the all-smiles budget

Mayor Lee's budget stops the bleeding — but doesn't repair the damage

Avalos introduces SF-San Mateo Local Hire agreement

Last year, when Sup. John Avalos introduced and eventually won passage of the city’s landmark local hiring ordinance, a number of battles broke out,...

And they’re off! Mayor’s horse race officially begins

Reporting by Sarah Phelan and Linda Man. Photographs by Sarah PhelanThirty-six candidates have filed papers in the 2011 mayor’s race, but only former Sup....

And the next chief is…yes, Suhr!

Mayor Ed Lee appointed a deeply emotional Captain Greg Suhr as Chief of the San Francisco Police Department during a swearing-in ceremony where the...

Avalos for mayor? He’s talking about it

The San Francisco mayor’s race is taking a new twist: Sup. John Avalos -- one of the best, most consistent and productive progressives on...

Unregistered lobbyist

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ISSUE: Former Mayor Willie Brown is a powerful advocate for private interests — but he flouts lobbyist registration laws

Census no surprise to outmigration taskforce

 “San Francisco is losing its black population faster than any other large city in the United States — and the trend is unlikely to...

Redevelopment debate full of bum choices

At the Potrero Hill Democratic Club’s debate about Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to ax local redevelopment agencies to balance the state’s $26 billion deficit,...

Local hire victory party a political who’s who

The atmosphere at the local hiring victory party that Laborers Local 261 held at its Union Hall this week  was positively elated. Beer, wine...

Meet the new boss

Ed Lee has been mayor for six weeks. Does his administration represent a change — or more of the same?