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Now that Willie Brown is a lobbyist, will the SF Chronicle finally cut him loose?

Years ago, the San Francisco Chronicle handed Willie Brown a megaphone, but now that he's officially recognized as a paid lobbyist, isn't it time...

Treasure Island challenge appealed to California Supreme Court

August 21, 2014
Critics of current plans to build 8,000 new homes and acres of commercial and office space on Treasure Island — despite the challenge of...

Treasure Island development plans moving forward after lawsuit rejected

Construction on the first 1,000 of up to 8,000 new homes planned for Treasure Island could begin as soon as next year after the...

Shipyard artists promised affordable studios in solar-powered facility

Alarm bells went off last year when a small group of sculptors and painters in Building 101 at the Hunters Point Shipyard artists’ colony...

SF’s culture of corruption

In many ways, San Francisco hasn't changed. It's still the old Barbary Coast, ruled by capitalist thugs and corrupt politicians, only with glossy modern spin

Crime and politics

How an FBI probe of organized crime in Chinatown took down a senator and well-connected political consultant

Complaint against Yee includes firearms trafficking and envelopes full of cash

The federal criminal charges filed today against Sen. Leland Yee (D-SF), local political consultant Keith Jackson, reputed Chinatown organized crime boss Raymond “Shrimp Boy”...

State of the City: spin over substance

It was maddening to watch Mayor Ed Lee deliver his annual State of the City address on Jan. 17. This was pure politics, from...

State of the City speech filled with unsupported promises

January 17, 2014
It was maddening to watch Mayor Ed Lee deliver his annual State of the City address this morning. This was pure politics, from the...

The Rise of Candidate X

The absolutely true story of how a complete unknown rocketed from political obscurity, electrified the city, tackled real problems, and beat Ed Lee in 2015. 

Developing divisions

Thousands of housing units are coming to market, but not many San Franciscans can afford them

Making it fit

Housing crisis triggers new calls to legalize and build more granny units

Mayor Ed Lee’s committee gives $10,000 that it doesn’t have to the 8 Washington project UPDATED

November 1, 2013
Mayor Ed Lee presents himself as a model of fiscal responsibility, but the Mayor Ed Lee for San Francisco Committee that he...


October 16, 2013
Bruce Brugmann, Jean Dibble, and Tim RedmondThe San Francisco Bay Guardian — which has had a significant impact on the Bay Area's cultural and...

City Hall must address rising rents

EDITORIAL Another flurry of public concern over rising rents in San Francisco — driven by one-bedroom apartments listed for almost $4,000, a well-attended forum...

Building on progress

ABU ends picket of Lennar's Shipyard project after city agency agrees to oversee local hiring process

Celebrating independence, embracing wage slavery

On the eve of Independence Day, too many San Franciscans seem eager to give up on the very idea of independence, instead willingly buying...

Community awaits benefits as Lennar finally breaks ground in Hunters Point

More than five years after San Francisco voters approved a massive redevelopment plan for the Hunters Point Shipyard and much the southeast part of...

Treasure Island: Is this the end?

April 15, 2013
So Mayor Lee goes to China with plans to celebrate the signing of a deal that would bring $1.7 billion in Chinese investment into...

Mayor Lee’s trip to China raises questions of ethics and influence

Mayor Ed Lee barely had time to unpack from his recent political junket to Paris before he was off on his current trip...

Editor’s Notes

The mayor makes bad deals

Next, the Treasure Island sellout

March 11, 2013
Now that he's done such a bang-up job negotiating a deal for the CMPC hospital, leaving the supervisors to clean up the mess, does...

Developer hypes art; screws artists

January 31, 2013
It's late afternoon in Building 101 of the Hunters Point Shipyard artists' colony, and Richard Bolingbroke has his forehead in his hands. The studio...

San Francisco, Third World country

December 12, 2012
The model is pretty well established, and has proven exceptionally lucrative  for big US corporations like Bechtel and big US banks -- and has...