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Hollie Stevens lived a big life that was tragically cut short

July 6, 2012
When a slowly unfolding tragedy strikes the young and energetic, fate seems especially cruel, a notion I haven't been able to shake since learning...

Key lime hair with a side of porno: the Brande Baugh story

“My job is really weird. I think about that all the time.”The Mission is a neighborhood accustomed to eccentric individuals. One would think Brande...

Sex Talk with Princess Donna: Squirting and the ass icon

May 18, 2012
You have to have communication skills if you're going to responsibly wield the amount of sexual power that Princess Donna holds in her sexy...

Mission Guide*

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Sex Talk with Princess Donna: Sugar daddies and the perils of bromance

May 2, 2012
One might imagine that there is hardly a personal entanglement that Princess Donna, director and star of Kink.com's Public Disgrace, Bound Gang Bangs, and...

Hot sexy events: April 13-19

April 13, 2012
Kink.com is getting its star turn in the mainstream media – everyone's favorite historic-building-cum-porn-palace served as the shooting locaiton for the movie that Stephen...

Burning rubber: How do adult film actors feel about LA’s condom regulations?

February 15, 2012
All video by Ned HalabyBy now, the 2012 AVN Awards are but a sticky-handed, flashbub-popping memory. But not everything that happened that week in the...

Queer and boning in Las Vegas

San Francisco adult stars storm the red carpet at the AVN Awards, a.k.a. the 'Oscars of porn'

Hot sexy events: January 18-24

January 25, 2012
Thankful. I am thankful for San Francisco sex. Just got back from the AVN awards in Vegas this weekend and couldn't get over the...

It’s all in the angle

Madison Young's new porn site puts the female gaze first and foremost

Hot sexy events: October 27-November 1

October 27, 2011
Friday evening of the Folsom Street Fair saw a throng gathered in a second-story SoMa apartment for an art opening. The space was owned...

Halloween 2011

October 26, 2011

Boo! Ghost hunts, spectre detectives, zombie flicks, a haunted map of SF, complete halloween events, and more to scare the pants off ya. 

Fear not Folsom first-timers: advice through the lens of local photographers

September 23, 2011
Folsom weekend has arrived and if you're new to the game, you've got all kinds of decisions to contemplate before running out onto the...

SEX ISSUE: Fun with cover model Leo Forte

September 21, 2011
Photographer Matthew Reamer and Art Director Mirissa Neff had a steamy Sex Issue cover shoot with strapping adult performer Leo Forte last week. Rrroaw!Leo...

The Sex Issue 2011

September 21, 2011

Kink feminism, Bawdy Storytelling, an SF smut map, Folsom Street Fair happenings -- and the hottest ass in San Francisco.  

San Francisco Smut Map

SEX ISSUE: A peep at our fair city's filthy-gorgeous history

Because Princess says so

SEX ISSUE: The mastermind behind Kink.com's "Wired Pussy" and "Public Disgrace" sites finds power in perversion

Hard at work: YNOT Summit addresses the business behind web porn

June 21, 2011
A man dressed in suit and tie walks into a conference room. A woman stands up to shake to his hand, followed by another...

Hot sexy events: June 15-21

June 15, 2011
And we're back! After a brief jaunt around the world, I've returned to hunker sexily down amidst a mountain of press releases for SF's...

Hot sexy events: May 11-17

May 11, 2011
On the website for Kink Studios – Kink.com's foray into the world of arthouse porn cinema – one scrolls down a quote from, of...

Hot sexy events: February 23-March 1

February 23, 2011
Perhaps you recall a few weeks ago when I espoused my love for Rihanna and slightly-less-intense love for the new music video for her...

Scrooge you can use

Curious George, Cowboy Bebop, salmon searching -- our guide to ignoring Christmas completely

Hot sexy events: November 10-16

November 10, 2010
You wouldn't think that P-raw: Whore of the Underworld would have problems with being cockblocked, but there you have it. P-raw will be one...

Hot sexy events October 13-19

October 13, 2010
Support your local sex workers! We are lucky to live in a city where those salacious somebodies that will take their kits off in...