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Approve affordable housing — for youth

Legislation regarding a crucial project to house low-income youth is on its way

Highlights of Ed Lee’s nomination

January 7, 2011
An awful lot went down at City Hall today: four Board members were termed out, new Board members were moving into their offices, the...

Mirkarimi and mayoral hopefuls launch D5 Dem Club

December 16, 2010
Democratic Party clubs are one of the most basic political building blocks in this basically one-party town, so it's odd that politically active District...

Local hire, Steve Kawa, and the Americas Cup

December 15, 2010
Unemployed workers and community advocates hoping to secure Mayor Gavin Newsom’s support for Sup. John Avalos’ groundbreaking local hire legislation rallied at City Hall...

Election 2010: Progressives keep D6 seat

November 2, 2010
While the outcome of the D6 supervisorial race won’t be known until all the ranked choice ballots get counted, it is clear that the...

Best of the Bay 2010 Editors Picks: City Living

 Best of the Bay 2010 Editors Picks: City Living  BEST SMACKDOWN FROM THE MOUND You can't script 'em this good. Upstart A's pitcher Dallas Braden gives...

Cake throws down to bring solar to Telegraph Hill

The high-water mark in the unsuccessful 2008 campaign to pass Proposition H, the Clean Energy Act – a partial public power measure that Pacific...

“The State of Black SF”

February 24, 2010
By Adrian Castañeda To support those living in public housing, the Osiris Coalition is hosting an event called The State of Black SF this...

Best of the Bay 2009: Local Heroes

Our celebration of Bay Area people and organizations who strive to make a difference

Best of the Bay 2009: Local Heroes

Our celebration of Bay Area people and organizations who strive to make a difference

PG&E attacks consumer choice

The ability of cities to switch to public power could be eliminated if a proposed state ballot initiative moves forward

Recurrent debacle

May 7, 2009
By Julian Davis (Julian Davis is on the board of San Francisco Tomorrow, an urban environmental organization. He chaired last November's Clean Energy campaign, prop...

The solar project heads for a vote

By Tim Redmond Lots of talk about the Sunset reservoir Solar proposal over the weekend; the Chron weighed in with a fairly weak story that...

Celebration, cigars, and a bloody nose at Mirkarimi baby bar crawl

Text by Steven T. Jones, photos by Tim Daw Friends, colleagues and supporters of Sup. Ross Mirkarimi gathered last night to celebrate the recent birth...


There's almost unanimous approval throughout the city that beefing up transmission lines would be better than building a power plant

Prop. H: $10 million and it’s this close

November 4, 2008
By Tim Redmond Well. Prop. H, the Clean Energy Act, is going down to defeat. But the public-power campaign -- against very little money, with...

The Green Energy Revolution

November 1, 2008
A well-thought-out piece by the manager of the Yes on H campaign: By Julian Davis The United States of America and the Planet are teetering on...

Wind turbines? On PG&E’s headquarters?

October 28, 2008
The Clean Energy campaign (Prop H) is heating up and PG&E is now running more scared than the company has ever been about...

Saturday rally to support Proposition H

October 24, 2008
WHAT: Hundreds of California students who are participating in the 6th Annual Fall Convergence of the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC) will...

Elsbernd argues Yes on H

October 23, 2008
A great moment at the Miraloma Park Improvement Association meeting last Sunday night. The No on H team, including Hunter Stern, the flak for...

Greener than thou

Green City: A look at Mayor Newsom's newest green initiatives

Yes on H benefit sells out in one hour!

September 24, 2008
By Bruce B. Brugmann Amazing. Tickets for the Cake concert at The Independent , a benefit for the Yes on Proposition H campaign, went...

Extra! Extra! Exposing PG&E’s Big Lies

August 5, 2008
By Bruce B. Brugmann For connoisseurs of PG&E's Big Lies in political campaigns, the company's early massive carpet bombing against the Clean Energy...

Summing up SF’s historic rally for clean energy

July 23, 2008
By Bruce B. Brugmann and Janna Brancolini (Scroll down for Jean Dibble's photo essay of the rally and comments by the speakers) It...