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The case against Prop. D

If you really want to clean up Market Street, it will require community input, a comprehensive revitalization plan, and real solutions for homelessness

Key JROTC vote tomorrow

By Tim Redmond The future of military recruiting in public schools will come back before the San Francisco School Board tomorrow (Tuesday May 12) as...

A couple of interesting candidates

By Tim Redmond A couple of interesting candidates looking at runs for those even-numbered supervisorial seats in 2010. In district two, where the progressives have...

The District Six dance begins

Walker, Kim By Tim Redmond Chris Daly will be the district six supervisor for the next two years (minus a couple of weeks), but already the...


Pelosi's wrong on Georgia

JROTC: This is never going to work

Wouldn't a martial-arts program be a better option?(Photo of Master Jung from Koreanmartialarts.com Okay, I'm all for getting rid of JROTC in the public schools....

JROTC must go now

Questioning Matt

What impact will the Nader-Gonzalez ticket have?

Super lessons

Barack Obama wins San Francisco with a late surge of diverse supporters, but can he prevent the superdelegates from tapping Hillary Clinton?


Obama for president. No on 94-97. Yes on A. Our complete endorsements for the Feb. 5 election


Feb. 17 Theater Rust When’s the last time you thought about Aunt Jemima or Uncle Ben outside a breakfast or dinner context? I’ll bet it’s been even...

Turning point

Progressives prove that district elections and ranked-choice voting really work

“This is a progressive town”

By Steven T. Jones Pollster David Binder was about to begin his regular election post-mortem in the SPUR offices this afternoon when I ran into...

It’s all over but the shouting

By Tim Redmond And there was just a huge whoop of happiness when word flashed across the screen at City Hall that Chris Daly has...

Great News!

By Tim Redmond The results are starting to roll in, and it's a night for local progressives to remember. Chris Daly is well ahead...

Good news for Daly

Live report from Tim Redmond I just spoke by cell phone to a Daly campaign staffer. The campaign has been monitoring the returns at the...

More results

By Tim Redmond Still very early, but it looks like this: The leaders in the race for school board are Hydra Mendoza, Jane Kim and Dan...

The people’s program

OPINION San Francisco progressives have spent years getting on the political power map. We have achieved amazing victories, such as the 2000 sweep that...