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Daniel in the lion’s den

The first time I heard Daniel Johnston’s music, I’d ordered a tape from K Records, having little idea what to expect. What arrived in...

28 years later

Matt Gonzalez and director Stanley Nelson ponder the fate and impact of Peoples Temple and the truth behind the powerful new doc Jonestown

Doomsday dream believer

A documentary uncovers Jim Jones's bad faith and the how behind the Guyana tragedy

Danger! Danger!

Dear Andrea: Being in my second trimester, I've read volumes about the so-called danger of air embolisms caused by blowing air into the vagina...

Awesome; I fuckin’ talked to the Beasties!

The Beastie Boys' new concert film Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That! opens today, March 31, in the Bay Area, so here's more of my...

Getting to know T.I.

One thing to like about Clifford "T.I." Harris Jr.'s truthful intelligence is the fact that the straight-outta–West Atlanta MC chose XXL, not Entertainment Weekly,...

NOISE: After the goldrush

About a thousand were said to be turned away from the capacity SXSW Neil Young and Jonathan Demme keynote talk/interview yesterday. Bay Area veteran...


Imagine trying to find a job without a shred of work history. Welcome to the transgender job hunt.

True grits

The Gossip's Beth Ditto is cooking with meat - and mixing riot grrrl gospel with punk rock panache