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Aug 7 Performance “Mortified” Anyone who writes for a daily or weekly publication knows plenty about mortification. So it should be no surprise that newspapers and magazines...

mark pickerel aug 8

> >CHICAGO, IL: From Seattle Grunge to spooky Country: EX-SCREAMING TREES >MARK PICKEREL (Nirvana, Neko Case) embarks on SOLO CD RELEASE TOUR of West >Coast in...

SF Badpublicity

Why is the Castro's most popular African American-friendly bar still shuttered?

Crawler space

Complete interview: The Descent director Neil Marshall on phallic caves, Iggy Pop-like troglobites, and good old-fashioned horror (Caution: slight spoilers ahead!) Director Neil Marshall...

Stop the presses

July 31, 2006 Here are the developments following my “monopolies are forever” blog of last Friday: 1. Today, Monday, July 31, The Department of Justice...

Burritos of the gods

Michael Showalter discusses humor, metahumor, sushi, and, er, metasushi

The planet of the mutants

Os Mutantes are back — in truthful Tropicália technicolor!

The hemp chronicles

Assemblyman Mark Leno's industrial hemp bill is headed for the state Senate, and the OC Weekly's staff blog has a wonderful interview with the...

Dist. 8 heats up

By Tim Redmond Alix Rosenthal, who is challenging Bevan Dufty in District eight, has been getting some (electronic) press; BeyondChron has interview in which,...

Anatomy of a scandal foretold

How was the Mexican election stolen? Let us count the ways


JUlY 7 MUSIC Artificial Intelligence Yes, Virginia, there is still drum 'n’ bass in San Francisco. Look no further than the Soul Stream and Still Doin’...


"My basic photography lesson is this: You frame the perfect composition, exactly like you want it, and then you step forward," says Larry Clark....

Shooting at the OCC

Police union claims the problem isn't rogue cops, but the agency that investigates them

The Delegate Zero factor

Mexico's famed Subcommander Marcos has re-emerged -- and thrown a wrench into the nation's presidential election

NOISE: Have another slab of John Vanderslice

Duncan Scott Davidson interviewed Tiny Telephone honcho and Barsuk artist John Vanderslice for a piece in the May 3 issue of the Guardian. Here's...

Arctic vessels

Matthew Barney serves up cold fish in Drawing Restraint 9

One down, one to go

City officials challenge Mirant power plant pollution as PG&E finally shutters its controversial Hunters Point facility

On the “Con” with cartoonist Daniel Clowes

It was so much fun talking to Eightball cartoonist and Ghost World and now Art School Confidential writer Daniel Clowes –- and so much...

Festival decompress

The last few days of the San Francisco International Film Festival usually have a calmer quality, perhaps even more so this year, in the...

20 questions for Fiona Ma

Sup. Fiona Ma, who is running for state Assembly, last week decided to skip an endorsement interview that she scheduled with the Guardian -...

Ruling party

Rising hip-hop star J-Stalin morphs from d-boy to Go Boy

ABCs and Rubies

SONIC REDUCER A passionate music fan friend recently laid some curious medicine on me as we were hunkered down at Doc's Clock, watching our...

The Village Voice meltdown continues

More on how the guys from Phoenix are screwing up the nation's oldest alt-weekly

Hit by the mystery train

Sarah Watt animates death and dramatizes life with Look Both Ways