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NOISE: Oh boy, Junior Boys

Bay Guardian contributor Chris Sabbath recently talked to Junior Boys in anticipation of their Sept. 26 show at Bottom of the Hill. So This...


Great -- and sad -- moments in endorsement interviews

Mall of the metaverse

Rock shows, retail, and rebellion — Second Life brings virtual gaming down to the everyday level

Eureka! Finally, Hearst covers the censored story and admits it is partnering with Singleton

And now this: Are the Conglomerati going to buy the Santa Cruz Sentinel? The timing was exquisite. This morning, in...

Death by satire

› annalee@techsploitation.com TECHSPLOITATION In honor of George W. Bush's efforts to stop torture by setting up secret CIA prisons and promote freedom by expanding government...

Five years after

EDITORIAL Here's the painful but undeniable truth: five years after a pair of airplanes flew into the Twin Towers in New York, killing almost...

Who’s in Dufty’s “corner?”

By Tim Redmond Okay, so I tweaked Sup. Bevan Dufty a couple of weeks ago about an item that appeared in Matier and Ross Aug....

Toronto International Film Festival: Quick weather report

It's raining in Toronto ... and New York City, setting for the weep-tastic Bollywood epic Never Say Goodbye, where no emotionally-charged moment passes without...

Air Americana

Tangled up in Silver Jews

Songs in the key of quirk

Feeling Ohio and turning over the Black Keys

Back from the country

Vashti Bunyan returns to dispel myths and make more great music

The Wow of Joao: A talk with Two Drifters director Joao Pedro Rodrigues

“People are crazy here, no?," director Joao Pedro Rodrigues half-asks over the phone from LA, where he’s making a brief visit to promote Two...

Outrageous fortunes

Fall Arts: Everybody wants Mission District painter Keegan McHargue

Here comes Miami Beach

A South Florida developer wants to turn the quiet coastal community of Pacifica into a glitzy retreat for the Bay Area's richest residents

SF Opera under the glass

A new general director enters singing — plus classical and other selections for the new season

The soul stirrers

See That My Grave Is Kept Clean sets PR against the spirit of Harry Smith


The Jailing Of One California Journalist And Imminent Jailing Of Two More Represent An Illicit Power-Grab And Usurpation Of State Sovereignty By The Bush Justice Department

Joan of archaeology

HAIRY SITUATION "Trog has a beautiful Victorian," Matthew Martin says after giving me the address of the house where he and his castmates are...

The slither king

Snakes on a Plane wrangler Jules Sylvester sssspeaks!


› lynn@sfbg.com There was no better place than the Castro Theatre to watch Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, which kicked off the 70mm Series...

Shackling the tax man

How the Bay Area's wealthiest benefit from Republican control of the IRS

The slither king: the complete interview

This is not a story about the feverish hype swirling around Snakes on a Plane. It’s not a review of the film, because Snakes...

Learning from leaks

Permaculture courses teach ancient wisdom and environmental action

Whew! What a Best of Party last night!

What a splendid Best of Party last night at Club Six down in the inner Mission in San Francisco. Almost all of this...