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Internet cats, in their own words: Henri le Chat Noir

As exhaustive and definitive as our cover story on the break-out fame of the Internet's Cat Pack was last month, still the masses clamored...

Tribeca Film Festival wrap-up: the best of the rest!

It was the best of sequesters: oh, Tribeca, how to wrap up the many, many days spent hidden away in the dark, watching flickering...

Beloved Shirts reads your mind, puts it on a sweatshirt

April 23, 2013
I should be pissed that Provo, Utah's Beloved Shirts company has raided my Internet search records, but I'll focus on just being happy that...

Internet cats, in their own words: Colonel Meow

April 11, 2013
I got -- and am continuing to get -- in quite a few conversations with loved ones and people I get stuck chatting with...

Internet cats, in their own words: Luna the Fashion Kitty

April 10, 2013
While writing this week's Pets Issue cover story on world domination by Internet-famous cat magnates -- or the "Cat Pack," as they will forever...

The Cat Pack

Quirky felines have gone past viral status to become legitimate celebrities. Now how will they use their fame?

Internet Cat Video Festival pussyfoots its way to Oakland

March 25, 2013
The druggish trip of a heavy Youtube session: you start out looking for that innovative new TED Talk and find yourself, hours later, fixated...