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Staff of shut-down Mission dispensary opens SoMa’s newest cannabis club

Today was the grand opening for a new dispensary just steps from the front door of Mezzanine and right down the block from a...

Medical marijuana is over

... and so is this cannabis column.

Panther medicine

An original member of the Black Panther connects the dots between marijuana access and justice

Narc fetish

Weed vs. cancer, Fiona Apple vs. fascists

Roseanne vs. mind control

Everyone's favorite sitcom queen may have been high when she decided to run for president -- and she's not apologizing for it

A studied approach

Donald Abrams started examining cannabis at SF General in 1992 -- and thinks the cure to Prohibition lies elsewhere

PR problems

Some neighbors are bummed that a new pot club is coming to Mission Street, but does their reasoning make sense?

Drug peace

Strange times call for strange measures: an interview with author Doug Fine

We need a hero

And why look to the Olympics when Vice made a documentary about said savior?

Dab’ll do ya

Despite the actions of our president, we will continue to dab

President or no president, medical marijuana shows up in Oakland

So the President was late. Around the time the "Fire Melinda Haag" press conference (as it had been called in emails I'd received from...

Spark that joint, Barry

Another closed dispensary, another sexist pot movie -- at least we've got an Obama protest to look forward to

Herbwise radio: Catch Caitlin Donohue today on Cannabis Cuts

Our culture editor-cannabis columnist Caitlin Donohue interviewed Cannabis Cuts' Vaperonica Dee and Merry Toppins for her weekly Herbwise rant-and-rave back in June and now the on-air...

Oakland councilperson responds to Harborside Health Center targeting by feds

Have you heard the news about our most Hollywood dispensary getting put on notice by the feds? Harborside Health Center staff, stars of everyone's...

Meanwhile, in Uruguay

Another cannabis dispensary closure? Time to move to South America, where the president has just proposed a legalization plan 

Cash your bowl

Cash-only cannabis, the Vapor Room closes -- this week, we're scraping for good news 

After the raid

Oaksterdam update: A hero is honored, a new president is forged 

This toke’s for history

A counterculture icon captures the imperfection of weed's hippie renaissance

Wall down, joints up

A journey through Berlin's burgeoning weed scene

Outer Mission opposition

HERBWISE: "People who are ignorant assume we're all a bunch of hoodlums or stoners looking to get high"

Obama: gay OK, pot not

Obama's sudden nod to "states' rights" somehow doesn't include medical marijuana

The capital of cannabis?

An interview with the "Republican-leaning Independent corporate lawyer-type" behind the new DC cannabis regulations

A teachable moment

Lynching Charlie Lynch tells the story of a crushing federal raid.

We had a party

Hey feds! Here's the shots from our 420 party, in case your spy cams didn't work so good