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Milking it

November 20, 2007
Here are a few things I learned at Saturday's debate among the three Senate candidates, which was sponsored by the Harvey Milk LGLT Democratic...

Leno vs. Migden: A meditation

October 29, 2007
By Tim Redmond The Harvey Milk LGBT Club is all tied in knots over this race. A lot of progressives are arguing that it’s split...

Meet the Candidates: Michael Powers

October 26, 2007
The Bay Guardian is profiling the candidates for the 2007 elections. We'll be updating this entry as more information comes in. Post your thoughts...

Today’s Ammianoliner

October 25, 2007
Thousands evacuated. State of emergency declared. Boy, those Harvey Milk Club meetings are something. (From the voicemail of Sup. Tom Ammiano on Thursday,...

Jim Rivaldo, 1947-2007

Groundbreaking political consultant was a nice guy in an often nasty world

The story of Q

Quintin Mecke emerges as the strongest mayoral candidate in a weak field

Milk Club tonight — Leno and Migden

October 23, 2007
The harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club meets tonight to consider a parliamentary procedure that could lead to an an early endorsement for state Sen....

The late great Jim Rivaldo

October 17, 2007
Jim Rivaldo, who was Harvey Milk's first campaign manager and was involved in progressive politics in San Francisco for more than 30 years, died...

41st Anniversary Special: Blast from the past

A few choice selections from our archives

Stormy leather

Two takes on William Friedkin's Cruising, showing at the Castro

Duuude — a top pot cop?

July 31, 2007
By Tim Redmond The Examiner's having fun with front-page headlines today ("Better sit down for this -- Muni removes benches"), but my fave is the...

Editor’s Notes

Skipping through the past, in purple sequined pumps

And now Matt Smith and the SF Weekly/New Times/Village Voice Media claim the progressives were soft on...

June 6, 2007
By Bruce B. Brugmann I always read Matt Smith, the star columnist of the SF Weekly/New Times/Village Voice Media, with interest. But he often...

Candidates and non-candidates

May 25, 2007
By Tim Redmond So much going on right now in the local political world -- and some of it so ephemeral. Chris Daly's progressive convention is...

Star studded Milk Club event

By Steven T. Jones Last night's annual dinner of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club was a truly memorable event that stands as testament to...

Healthy Saturdays gaining ground

By Steven T. Jones Environmentalists and alternative transportation activists are winning some key endorsements in the run up to next month's second annual Healthy Saturdays...

It’s on

Leno announces his candidacy

Does it have to be a bloodbath?

March 2, 2007
By Tim Redmond Already, I'm hearing whistpers from both sides of the Leno-Migden contest, and already, they're getting nasty. Mark Leno told me this week...

Leno announces

By Steven T. Jones Invoking the spirit of George Moscone and Harvey Milk "so that we may be worthy of their powerful legacy," Assembly member...

San Francisco lovin’

The pros and cons of sex and romance in the city by the bay

Leno v. Migden: It’s official

December 17, 2006
By Tim Redmond The news that I knew was coming is now apparently official: according toFog City Journal, Assemblymember Mark Leno announced at the Harvey...

Leno v. Migden: The mind reels

December 14, 2006
By Tim Redmond Well, the info I picked up last night was a bit off; Matier and Ross haven't run anything yet on the poll...