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Harvey Milk

I remember Harvey

I remember Harvey Bruce B. Brugmann Toward the end of the supervisorial campaign in 1973, I got an intercom call from Nancy Destefanis, our advertising representative...

The people’s election

On (almost) every level, the grassroots beat the establishment and the progressives beat the big money

A night for progressives

By Tim Redmond The amazing thing tonight is that district elections -- celebrated in the Harvey Milk movie, brought back by Tom Ammiano -- continues...

Editor’s Notes

O Canada?

Wildildlife by numbers

Math and music

Endorsements 2008: San Francisco measures

Yes, yes, yes on A and H. No, no, no on P and V...

Schwarzenegger snubs Harvey Milk

by Amanda Witherell Today Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would have designated May 22 as Harvey Milk day. The legislation, authored...

P is for power grab

Newsom measure seeks more mayoral control over transportation funds

‘Daughter’ goes to the opera

Fall Arts Preview: Amy Tan revamps her bestseller. Plus, more classical picks

PG&E’s blank check

Who is the utility buying off? Start with Newsom, Feinstein, and Willie Brown

Pennies from heaven

Kirk Read's Southern gay evangelical fantasy pays off

No Age ways

No Age needs vulture repellent! Plus: Caroliner, Edgetone New Music Summit, The Duke Spirit, and more

The SF Democratic Party’s future

Lots of talk and some interesting action at the Harvey Milk LGBT Club meeting last night. Marc Salomon, Robert Haaland and I gave a...

The Hot Pink List 2008

The Queer Issue: A lovely mess of queer up-and-comers we adore

The Queer Issue

Looking ahead with a cute behind : Our fab outlaw past, wedding dos and don'ts, and complete Pride events

Pride 2008 events

The Queer Issue: A Planet Unicorn full of performances, events, clubs, and parties

Election as prologue

Leno victory and other ballot results shift San Francisco's political landscape

Promises and reality

Lennar's campaign mailers sound great, but do they paint a false picture of what voters can really expect from Prop. G?


Some gay people are so anxious to participate in their own cultural erasure

“Lautrec in Leather: Chuck Arnett and the San Francisco Scene”

Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll are unapologetically front and center

Leno cries over spilled Milk

The big Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club endorsement vote for State Senate is tonight, as you've probably already heard way too much about if...

The Milk Club: Remain calm …

So the Harvey Milk Club meets tomorrow evening (Dec. 11) to consider an endorsement for state Senate. It's Mark Leno vs. Carole Migden, and...

Remembering Harvey Milk Tonight

One of the good things about email is that items often pop up that jog my memory. The latest example was the news flash...