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City Desk Newshour ends long SF run

By Steven T. Jones An era ended last night while my colleagues and I taped the final episode of the City Desk Newshour, a Comcast...

Prop. 8 protests — where to go

May 26, 2009
Sfist has a handy-dandy guide to today's protests here. And here's Assemblyman Tom Ammiano's statement: "Today's Supreme Court opinion upholding Prop. 8 is a stark reminder...

Rally this Sunday against torture and killings of gays in Iraq

By Rebecca Bowe Gays Without Borders S.F., the Rainbow World Fund, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and others will host a rally and fundraiser Sunday to...

Do the right thing, Dianne

With EFCA finally within reach, Sen. Feinstein has announced that she is looking for a "less divisive" option

Pics: Last night’s anti-8 rally

March 5, 2009
Photos by Charles Russo Alexander Sanchez waves a freedom flag Cleve Jones addressing the crowd at Harvey Milk Plaza Maceo Garza lets it fly

New push for Harvey Milk Day

By Steven T. Jones Last year, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation by Mark Leno (then an Assembly member and now a Senator) to establish May...

It’s a rainy day – today

Many core health service programs are wrestling with the reality of closing their doors entirely when the next round of cuts arrives in June.

Hear, here

Bill Fontana and Jacob Kirkegaard play your ears

Dick Meister: Bolsheviks? In Seattle?

February 3, 2009
Dick Meister is a distinguished labor reporter who has spent more than 50 years covering labor and issues of workers on their jobs. There...

Cafe Mystique

A handsome interior, Moroccan-influenced menu -- and hearty favorites like beef stew

Pop hope

The Year in Film 2008: Politics as entertainment --shot by shot, shoe, or screen

Editor’s Notes

What Tom Ammiano did for the city

“The Board without Ammiano is like the Vatican without the Pope.”

November 25, 2008
“The man. The myth. The legend.” That’s how Board President Aaron Peskin introduced Sup. Tom Ammiano, as he bid farewell to the longest...

Milk and blood: Visions of St. Harvey

November 19, 2008
By Marke B. This week, as part of our Milk Issue, dedicated to the political memory of Harvey Milk, I take a look at some...

Behind “the Twinkie Defense”

The reporter who coined the infamous phrase in the Guardian looks back at the White trial

Hot flash gallery

The Milk Issue: Now and then in the photography of Daniel Nicoletta

Political Theater

The Milk Issue: Gus Van Sant gives Harvey Milk his close-up

Where’s Harry?

The Milk Issue: Harvey Milk's political torchbearer gets written out of Milk

Past, present, future

The Milk Issue: The time is now for The Times of Harvey Milk

The apathy and the ecstacy

The Milk Issue: St. Harvey inflames, but does he inspire?

Politics behind the picture

The Milk Issue: Would Harvey Milk be happy with San Francisco today?

Fighting Newsom’s mid-year cuts

The mayor shouldn't be driving the fiscal agenda alone

I remember Harvey

The Milk Issue: Guardian memories of the long-haired young hopeful

The Milk Issue

SFBG takes a look at the man, the movie, the myth, the martyr -- and the modern legacy of Harvey Milk