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NOISE: Mano y Germano

January 24, 2007
The cultie fervor surrounding ex-John Mellencamp fiddle player Lisa Germano at South By Southwest last year was a thing to behold. Toss those Mellencamp...


January 17, 2007
JAN. 22 MUSIC Tall Firs Quiet is the new loud — all the cool kids are saying so! Take New York's Tall Firs. Evoking visions of Sonic Youth road-tripping...

Venue list

January 16, 2007
AMNESIA 853 Valencia (415) 970-0012 ANNIE'S SOCIAL CLUB 917 Folsom (415) 974-1585 ARGUS LOUNGE 3187 Mission (415) 824-1447 ARROW 10 Sixth St (415) 255-7920 ASIASF 201 Ninth St (415) 255-2742 ATLAS CAFE 3049 20th St (415) 648-1047 BALAZO18 2183 Mission (415) 255-7227 BAMBUDDHA LOUNGE 601 Eddy (415)...

NOISE: 21 Grams…? For a Rogue cause

January 5, 2007
You love Gram Parsons, you know you do. Hot Burritos are your real-deal meal. Nudie suits are so cute. Dark ends of streets are...

NOISE: Joanna Newsom overwhelms in SF

December 22, 2006
Guardian contributor Max Goldberg caught Joanna Newsom's recent performance at Great American Music Hall. Here's his review: Sans bangs and decked in red, Joanna Newsom...

Hallelujah, more lists!

Online exclusive: more local players and playas' top 10s

The best show I never saw

Even nap time can't keep the will to rock alive — when you're five

Sing out

From where we're sitting, anti-Bush jabs were de rigueur in 2006


November 28, 2006
Nov. 29 Music Melvins No one hits harder than Dale Crover. The longtime Melvins drummer, who also served a stint in Nirvana, has had the force of...


November 22, 2006
Nov. 24 Music Gabby La La Rarely is something musically weird enough for Les Claypool, the eccentric force behind Primus and the Les Claypool Flying Frog Brigade,...

Goldies Music winner Deerhoof

It's hard to picture a band as wild, mild, and Apple O'–pie sweet as Deerhoof causing a ruckus — yet they really have. Just...

NOISE: By gum, it’s Boris and the Village Green and…

October 18, 2006
Oh, Hump Day - what would we do without you, positioned perfectly between weekend bliss and workday toil? And who would expect so many...

Joy sticks

Bonnie "Prince" Billy and a big fat bowl of Froot Loops


October 12, 2006
Film The Host The Host is the best monster movie since the height of the Alien series, so director Bong Joon-ho is justified in referring to...

Subtle and sincere

Forget the Killers, but Hold Steady

Writing wrongs

Billy Bragg keeps the progressive home fires burning and cynicism at bay.

NOISE: Winning Tortoise

September 20, 2006
Guardian contributor Chris Sabbath weighs in on the recent Tortoise show on Sept. 14 at Great American Music Hall: Being a late bloomer in the...


Sept. 20 Music Mission of Burma Much like their post-punk and art rock contemporaries of the early ’80’s, MoB were around when nobody seemed to give a...


Sept. 14 Film/Music "Indiecent Exposure" One of many things “Indiecent Exposure” has going for it is an array of movies with good titles. In addition to live...

NOISE: Bingo! And bangin’, bizzy Deerhoof

September 11, 2006
Taxes, zits, and coffee breath - these things are eternal. Add to that list "Rock 'n' Roll Bingo" at Blankspace in Oakland on Sept....

Back from the country

Vashti Bunyan returns to dispel myths and make more great music

Vashti’s progress: More than just another diamond night in San Francisco

September 5, 2006
Vashti Bunyan is giving a concert at Great American Music Hall this week. To give an idea of how rare this event is, Bunyan...

Checking the tour and festival circuit

SEPT. 1 Broke Ass Summer Jam 2006 Living Legends revive the ’90s Mystik Journeymen event, which centered on their mag, underground West Coast acts, and...