NOISE: Coachella cracked open?

Guardian intern Jonathan Knapp checked out Coachella last week and lived to tell the tale: Jose Luis Pardo of Los Amigos Invisiblesholds forth Sunday...

Worst album of the week

› "A strange new sound that makes boys explore." — Will and Grace's Eric McCormack singing Elton John and Bernie...

Raw Deal

› Dear Andrea:  Should I worry that my husband, who says he is straight because he just isn't attracted to guys, might be subconsciously...

Warm fuzzies

› SUPER EGO Fur suit! Is there anything better? The darling buds of May are peeping through, the beautiful ladies of the...

Lesley’s turn to talk

Lesley Gore is in town this weekend, singing at Brava Theater Center. I recently had the chance to call the ‘60s teen queen who...

Sweet squares

SUPER EGO Hi, sexy. I'm a bored robot. I'm doin' the strobe-lit worm on linoleum irony. I'm freakin' worn poses in the mirror of...

Singin’ in the watermelon juice

This year's SFIFF revives the movie musical -- for better and worse

Mapping The Descent

Seeking scream therapy at the festival? Search no further

Week one

Critics' short takes on the first week of SFIFF films

The L word: Lesley

I hear car horns behind the voice of Lesley Gore on the phone, which makes sense, since the woman who sang "It's My Party"...

Invisible minority

A new study shows Pacific Islanders experience high dropout, arrest, and depression rates

Cocky bull story

The Outsider pays tribute to the legendary ... James Toback?

Trannyshack east

Apparently all drag queens work for tips. Last year, a gay club owner in Manhattan wanted to copy the aberrant-behavior-fest known as Trannyshack,...

Noise: The Guardian’s new music blog

Our SXSW recap and much more.

NOISE: SXSW, the final fantasy, part 2

SXSW -- oh, that old thing? That was sooo...last Saturday. Before it fades from memory, only to be replaced by the latest whiskey bar,...

Noise: SXSW Everything is subject to change

Damn. It’s only Thursday and I have a hangover the size of Texas. It’s a warm, humid afternoon here in Austin, and...


Imagine trying to find a job without a shred of work history. Welcome to the transgender job hunt.

NOISE: SXSW B-Boys, B-Girls! Beastie Boys hand down words of wisdom from “big-ass chairs”

This blog schtuff is truly wicky wack because you feel like you can't stop. And you don't stop. Speaking of which, here's your update...

Stone cold cooking

 Sonic Reducer Wonderful, unforeseen taste combinations are everywhere you look — and they go beyond the mundane peanut butter and chocolate, Tom and Katie,...

Didja hear?

Get to know the Gossip

Third time’s a charm

The Gossip raise the roof with their breakthrough album, Standing in the Way of Control

Little girls lost

Two new films ask, have you checked the children?