NOISE: More dispatches from the all-girl band front – from All Girl Summer Fun Band

July 25, 2006
What better band to speak to about all-female groups than Portland, Ore.'s All Girl Summer Fun Band. I e-mailed to Kathy Foster (drums, bass,...

NOISE: Would you, could you, eat a hamburger? And calling all B-boys, B-girls…

July 19, 2006
Ahem, this just in from Wooden Wand PR HQ: "Do you assume Knoxville, Tenn., resident Wooden Wand is a vegetarian? "Huh?" 'When I am on...

A band of sisters

As Sleater-Kinney, Destiny's Child, and le Tigre bid farewell, an ex-all-girl punk band member wonders, where have all the music-making women gone?


July 17, 2006
By Scribe Tis the season to burn bright, what with all the fire arts festivals and other events leading up to Burning Man's 20th anniversary....

Sexy transmissions

Sublime Frequencies issue more transcendent sounds — and images — from across the pond


July 5, 2006
JUlY 10 LECTURE Neil MacFarquhar The New York Times correspondent and former Cairo Bureau Chief discusses his book The Sand Café: Reporting from the Mideast on War,...

But I love it!

Valley of the Dolls (Fox Home Entertainment) PRESS PLAY My favorite anecdote about Susan Hayward hides in a Nicholas Ray biography. When director Ray first met...


Crowded Fire's Hands torch neoliberalism

Ra, Ra rah-rah

› SONIC REDUCER Wassup Lauryn Hill? Well apparently she's been busy morphing into Sun Ra. A staight-skankin', massive fro–sportin', partyin'-with-Method-Man-at-the-Clift-Hotel, "la, la, la, la"-ing Sun...

Nth loop

superego@sfbg.comSUPER EGO "I'm from Indiana," confided the partly melted drag queen, after nailing "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" in a wicked patent-leather Duchess...

Heavy petting

The reasons were manifold, many-furred, and multihued, but this much was clear at South by Southwest 2006: The Nashville teen punk sensations Be Your...


Before the pinks start flying, let's get the snap critique out of the way: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is completely ri-drift-ulous....

No gag

> Dear Andrea: About getting past my gag reflex while giving blow jobs: I have no idea what's the best way to practice this. I've...

Shoot for the contents

The Queer Women of Color fest takes over the screen

Honeycomb hideout

V??ctor Erice's dreamy allegory The Spirit of the Beehive still stings today

Twain shall meatless

› CHEAP EATS You're probably tired of hearing about my dehumidifier. What? No? You can't get enough of it? Well that's great...

Life’s a Giant Drag

And it doesn't help if you write song titles like "You Fuck like My Dad"

Girls afraid

Just My Luck and Somersault map wildly different paths to maturity

Measuring stick

› Dear Andrea: It's easy to find reliable stats on penis size, but is there anything out there on average...

{Empty title}

Marvin Gaye - The Real Thing in Performance 1964-1981

Brass in pocket

Extra Action Marching Band puts the chaos and cool in your halftime music collective

That’s amore

DocFest loves up pizza, pageants, and pinball

Into the ether

› CHEAP EATS My first two girlfriends were boys. My next three were girls. My wife was a crustacean, and it's hard...

On the “Con” with cartoonist Daniel Clowes

It was so much fun talking to Eightball cartoonist and Ghost World and now Art School Confidential writer Daniel Clowes –- and so much...