Change of heart

The joys of Tartine

Does Beauty Ravish You?

by Amanda Witherell Did it ravish you, compel you, confuse you last night on the corner of 24th and Mission? That's what a 20x30 foot...

Online bonanza

Fixed-gear fracas, Lusty Lady lowdown, and Pixel Vision hits Vancouver in the blogs.

Pop lives

Phil Collins (not that one) and Fahamu Pecou add spirit to Warhol's legacy.

Roughin’ Justin

If only he'd stuck to his cheesy pistols ...

Opposites attract, kinda

› Dear Andrea: I have a very close gay male friend who often behaves like he's interested in me romantically. He has even told me...

World Wide Web: Vancouver International Film Festival, Day Two

My second day at the Vancouver International Film Festival brought white lines of thin girls, silent film shadows, a Unabomber web, and American telemarketing...

Grizzly man

Grizzly Bear's Yellow House is warm and welcoming

Boys? What boys?

Boyskout's leader Leslie Satterfield sets the Mission camp aflame

Be a liver

By Andrea Nemerson

The Lusty Lady loses its innocence

Male workers are making waves at the feminist icon -- and trouble is brewing.

Notes from the underground

Where's the party — after 2 a.m.? Welcome to the scene unseen

T off

› SONIC REDUCER You scream, I scream, we all scream for ... the black concert T. It's the music-merch phenom that will always annoyingly...

Bad cops walk into the shadows

A state Supreme Court ruling keeps the public from accessing records of police misconduct

Songs in the key of quirk

Feeling Ohio and turning over the Black Keys

Randomness and revelation

Zookeepers, eunuch Marines, flying explorers, and the lady formerly known as Huck Finn populate the pages of A Fictional History

Too bad, Dad

› Dear Andrea: I've prided myself on having a good relationship with my daughter, and we have always been able to talk about anything, but...

Discs, man

Enter the weird, wonderful world of new music releases

Best of the Bay 2006 Pixs

A friend feeds a banana to Anthony Riley of Gooferman, winner of Best Band Name Guardian photo by Matthew Hughes Boyko and Amy Rose Sampson Amber...


Aug. 15 Visual Art "Another Best Friend Somehow" As American icon or American spirit, Bob Dylan is constantly revived by the cultural defibrillator in large and very...

The Death of me

› SONIC REDUCER Wanna know the surest way to mortify me or send me skulking into the shadows? Bludgeon me with praise. Single me...

Mary, Mary, quite contrary – and often brilliant

The one and only Mary Woronov is a novelist, a memoirist, and the kind of movie star who is too sexy, too campy, and...

Proud Mary

ACTRESS AND AUTHOR If you love to watch cult movies and pay tribute to the stars that make them great (and in San Francisco,...

Bitch’s brew

All women, all noise - meet 16 Bitch Pile-Up