Hallelujah, more lists!

Online exclusive: more local players and playas' top 10s

Girls and monsters

Pan's Labyrinth is almost as fantastic as it is fantastical


Do you know where you're going to — have you ever seen Mahogany? What am I showing you? Well, for a start, that the...

Santa’s secret

› Dear Andrea: I'm a guy with a single, straight, platonic female friend in her mid-20s who could really use a first sex toy, but...

The best show I never saw

Even nap time can't keep the will to rock alive — when you're five

Girl talk

Did the ladies take control in 2006?

Bears in jell-o! Female bears!

December 12, 2006
OK OK I know we're giving the bears a lot of play lately in the clubs section, but the whole bear nightlife thing is...


December 6, 2006
Dec. 6 Music Lost Weekend Considering the recently rekindled interest in pre–rock ’n’ roll sounds, isn't it about time for a Western swing revival as well?...

All that heaven and earth allow

Gods, stars, and burnt offerings mark Anselm Kiefer's dark worlds


November 16, 2006
Nov. 16 Performance The Outsider Chronicles Creative is the title of one of Sean Dorsey’s funniest and most heartrending dance theater pieces, a solo in which the...

NOISE: Lady Sov sobs, Budget Rock roars

November 16, 2006
Y'know we all think Lady Sovereign seems like a tough little cookie but geez, she was all tears at the Mezzanine Tuesday night, Nov....

Goldies Music winner Deerhoof

It's hard to picture a band as wild, mild, and Apple O'–pie sweet as Deerhoof causing a ruckus — yet they really have. Just...

Goldies Music winner Gris Gris

The incredible thing about discovering a genuinely good band is that it has the ability to throw your entire world out of whack. The Gris...

Goldies Visual Art winner Chris Duncan

Artist Chris Duncan came to Northern California for the Tahoe powder — and to get away from his routine in Delaware and his native...

Cheap greats

› SONIC REDUCER Starved for ideas? Dirt cheap, down to your last slice of cheese pizza and Harley beer, and still deeply smitten with...

Fast times in Rock Rapids, Iowa, what really happened on Halloween Eve in l951

October 31, 2006
By Bruce B. Brugmann As I was getting ready to do my daily blog, anxiously awaiting the political...

NOISE: Meditating on Incubus…and on coveting your neighbor’s cellie

October 30, 2006
Guardian intern Aaron Sankin checked out the Incubus show put on Verizon Wireless on Oct. 20; here's what he thought: Incubus + Verizon Wireless...


October 25, 2006
Oct. 31 Music Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club Baptism by moonshine must be a wonderful thing, if the music of the Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club...

Feeling spooky, yeah yeah

ESG, the queens of Soul Jazz — and of post-punk funk — face SF's vampire's kiss


October 19, 2006
Oct. 19 Event “Inside Storytime: Bad Girls” “What exactly is a bad girl?” you might ask. According to Cameron Tuttle, author of the popular Bad Girl’s guides,...

Smile when you say “mockney”

UK ska-pop princess Lily Allen rules the Euro-singles school

Deconstructing Destruction

Kali Yuga takes on the Bali bombing

Subtle and sincere

Forget the Killers, but Hold Steady