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Cel mates

Mill Valley Film Festival screens vintage and innovative animated features

Foaming at the mouth

THE WEEKNIGHTER: Mad Dog is used to having stark, raving lunatics, in colorful garb, wasted there in the middle of the day. Thankfully.

Garbage game

Is Recology fudging the figures on how much SF waste is being diverted from the landfill, with the complicity of city officials?

Burger Boogaloo Breakdown

Our picks for the best of the rest

Alerts: June 25 – July 1, 2014

THURSDAY 26 Climate Forum: Confronting Oil, Coal and Gas, Direct Action Movements at the Point of Extraction The Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics,...

Jury finds Recology cheated in waste diversion bonus program

A jury has determined that Recology, San Francisco’s garbage collection contractor, was not honest with the city when it collected a bonus payment of...

Invisible no more

Threatened with deportation and paid illegally low wages, East Bay recycling workers did the unthinkable: They fought back.

Based on Earth

Thinking ahead to 2050, voyaging solo across the Pacific, celebrating earth Day ... Our new environmental column looks at how we're living within the natural world

Coachella for agoraphobics: How to do the festival without leaving your house

Fun fact: I'm bad at festivals. It's not that I don't enjoy them, per se: there's live music, the outdoors, fried food, great people-watching.It's...

Locals Only: Teenager

If the music industry gave out awards for patience or persistence, Bevan Herbekian would have a healthy handful of trophies to his name. The...

On the Rise: Friction Quartet

Post-classical determination

The future of civic engagement is here (so far it’s not pretty)

Last week, we wrote about San Francisco City Hall's foray into “civic innovation,” to foster greater governmental openness through web-based technology. We spotlighted the...

Music Listings: Jan. 15-21, 2014

WEDNESDAY 15ROCKBottom of the Hill: 1233 17th St., San Francisco. Connan Mockasin, Disappearing People, Faux Canada, 9 p.m., $10-$12.El Rio: 3158 Mission, San Francisco....

A look back: The “Candlestick Swindle” in ’68

San Francisco spent this week saying goodbye to its beloved foggy stadium, Candlestick Park. Amidst the farewells, the Guardian spotted a post from sports...

Last stand at the Bulb

With Albany looking to clear a bayshore homeless encampment, residents brace for a conflict

This stuff’ll kill ya

Feed your genre needs at Another Hole in the Head


BOOKS ISSUE: A new book showcases creative cult-movie poster art

Activists organize, and some journalists chronicle, a progressive resurgence in SF

While Mayor Ed Lee jets around the world, still too focused on fueling the economic fire that is gentrifying San Francisco and displacing its...

Move freely

Kunst-Stoff Dance Company offers a retrospective — and a farewell

Spinning a precise web

Israeli choreographer Idan Sharabi's SF-inspired world premiere

Not for sale

Richmond to seize hundreds of mortgage loans from banks to revive its communities


From Bonny Doon to Supermoons: our 39th annual survey of Northern California naked fun in the sun

Selector: June 12-17, 2013

WEDNESDAY 12The Trashies What would you get if you paired those slimy Garbage Pail Kids with primal 1960s garage rock band the Monks? It'd...

Heads Up: 7 must-see concerts this week

Dear 2 Chainz: we’d like to formally apologize on behalf of our city, if you were indeed robbed at gunpoint (details are a bit...