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Racing for solutions

Candidates running in District 10 debate the myriad problems facing southeast San Francisco

SF to consider joining Richmond in fighting banks over underwater mortgages

July 11, 2014
Plans to ease San Francisco’s often overlooked home foreclosure crisis will have to wait a bit longer. The San Francisco Board of...


Google buses, library targets the homeless, and Kelly takes on Cohen in D10

Kelly challenges Cohen in D10

February 18, 2014
After being narrowly edged out in the race for the District 10 seat on the Board of Supervisors four years ago, Potrero Hill political...

Homeless for the holidays

Changing demographics in the Bayview complicate city efforts to open a shelter there

Endorsements 2013

Stop the 8 Washington project! No, no, no on B, no on C, yes on A, re-elect Hererra. Our guide to the Nov. 5 elections

Wells Fargo lawsuit against city of Richmond dismissed

Richmond, 1, Wells Fargo, zip. In the first round of what may become a long and protracted legal battle, US Distict Judge Charles Breyer dismissed...

Threat to torpedo Richmond’s plan to help home owners through eminent domain dodged, for now

Last night, Richmond’s controversial plan for preventing home foreclosures using eminent domain was almost torpedoed. The stage was the regular Richmond City Council meeting,...

Campos urges SF to explore using Richmond’s eminent domain plan

Sup. David Campos is urging the board of supervisors to explore using eminent domain to save San Francisco resident’s underwater mortgages, a plan pioneered...

Spotlight shone on gentrification in West Oakland and SF

Two stories on the theme of gentrification and displacement — a topic we at the Bay Guardian have expended plenty of ink on —...

West Oakland hyper gentrification in the WSJ

August 14, 2013
Two stories on the theme of gentrification and displacement – a topic we at the Guardian have expended plenty of ink on – ran...

Richmond gets radical, seizing foreclosed homes from banks

As a rule of thumb, we at the Guardian tend to believe that if the banking and real estate industries are against something, then...

DPH: Unaffordable housing is bad for your health

To cover rent on a two-bedroom apartment at "fair market value" in SoMa, a San Francisco minimum-wage earner would have to work 7.4 full-time...

Wells Fargo foreclosure fighters: They’re baaaack!

April 23, 2013
See an update at the end of this article. A group of activists focused on organizing against Bay Area foreclosures will return to Wells Fargo’s...

Get your political moving and shaking on

March 12, 2013
What's happening in the socially conscious Bay Area this week? Well, there's a mass rally Thurs/14 to save City College of San Francisco. There...

The machine

Sup. Scott Wiener is relentless, driven, prolific — and changing San Francisco in sometimes alarming ways

Housing stability for all

Think of the TIC owners, says Supervisor Wiener


January 29, 2013
THURSDAY 31 Saluting Bradley Manning: Book event with Daniel Ellsberg First Congregational Church of Berkeley, 2345 Channing, Berk. (510) 967-4495, tinyurl.com/salute-BM. 7:30-9:30pm, $12 advance,...

LGBT icon evicted, leaving town, blasting Wiener

January 29, 2013
Documentary filmmaker and longtime queer community activist and leader David Weissman is leaving San Francisco -- because he and three other tenants of his...

Sacred space

On its 30th anniversary, SFJazz gambles on a 700-seat, $63 million concert hall and HQ. Can it re-energize a San Francisco scene?

Despite settlement, Wells Fargo still in housing activists’ crosshairs

January 10, 2013
Federal regulators cut a deal with 10 major banks to “speed up housing relief,” major news outlets reported earlier this week – but to...

Where is Occupy SF now?

September 20, 2012
On the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Occupy San Francisco also celebrated its birthday.Demonstrations throughout the day Sept. 17, focusing on a variety of...

Happy Birthday Occupy

September 16, 2012
Occupy celebrates its one-year anniversary Monday, and many of the groups who have gotten involved over the past year will be going all out....


September 11, 2012
Thursday 13Coalition on Homelessness 25 years SomArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan, SF; www.cohsf.org. 5:30pm, $25-75. The Coalition on Homelessness has been working for the...