Hit by the mystery train

Sarah Watt animates death and dramatizes life with Look Both Ways

Occult classic

Tapping into the magic of Harry Smith

After the Revolution

In Regular Lovers, it's 1968 all over again

Mapping The Descent

Seeking scream therapy at the festival? Search no further

Week one

Critics' short takes on the first week of SFIFF films

Daniel in the lion’s den

The first time I heard Daniel Johnston’s music, I’d ordered a tape from K Records, having little idea what to expect. What arrived in...

Cocky bull story

The Outsider pays tribute to the legendary ... James Toback?

28 years later

Matt Gonzalez and director Stanley Nelson ponder the fate and impact of Peoples Temple and the truth behind the powerful new doc Jonestown

Un certain regard

L'Enfant is perfection as usual for the Dardenne brothers

Hotel California

Z marks the present moment in Culture Clash's excellent Zorro in Hell

Going blank again

THE SOUNDTRACK FROM Garden State  (Twentieth Century Fox Home Video, $29.98) has now infiltrated a healthy percentage of San Francisco's cafés and boutiques. The...

C’mon pilgrims

Carlos Reygadas and Claire Denis keep film mastery alive

A selective guide to political events

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29 Pro-choice films Join the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights and New College as they screen two...

Deerhoof tracks…Harry Smith

This morning, I went to the press conference for the San Francisco International Film Festival (April 20-May 4) -- wunderbar to hear the appreciation...

Whose cheatin’ Heart?

A fable of our era leaps - or hobbles - from page to screen

NOISE: Mani, dancey, and ssssecretssss at SXSW…

Wednesday night, I checked out the Death and Taxes party at Austin's new Beauty Bar, owned by Trail of the Dead's Jason and open...

Native son

Terrence Malick digs deep into America's past with The New World

Army of glum

Battlefield 2 (Electronic Arts)