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Endorsements 2012

East Bay Endorsements 2012

Our recommendations in key Alameda County, Berkeley and Oakland races

Endorsements 2012: State ballot measures

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. No on 35 saves our sexworkers. GMO food gets a label when you vote Yes on 37

Endorsements 2012: San Francisco propositions

Yes (sigh) on Prop B. And vote hell yes to deny corporations personhood -- that'd be Prop G

Endorsements 2012

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. Rizzo and Selby for D5 supervisor. Yes (sigh) on B ... complete endorsements for national, state, and San Francisco races

Endorsements 2012: San Francisco races

Rizzo and Selby for D5 supervisor. Our top choice in D1 is Eric Mar

Endorsements 2012: State and national races

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. Go Barack, and vote No on 35 for sexworker justice

Endorsement interviews: Shamman Walton for School Board

Shamann Walton, who runs a youth development program, told us what most candidates tell us -- that the schools don't have enough money. But...

Endorsement interviews: Rachel Norton for School Board

Rachel Norton, one of three incumbents seeking re-election to the San Francisco School Board, sees herself as an advocate for parents, particularly parents of...

Endorsement interviews: Sandra Fewer for School Board

The San Francisco School Board has long been a fractious crew, with members sharply disagreeing on a lot of issues. They still disagree --...

Endorsement interviews: London Breed for D5 supervisor

District 5 candidate London Breed has an amazing life story. She grew up in the Western Addition projects, living with her grandmother at a...

Endorsement interviews: Julian Davis for D. 5 supervisor

Julian Davis, a candidate in District Five, has lined up some impressive endorsements. He's running to the left of the incumbent, Christina Olague, and...

Endorsement interviews: Norman Yee for D. 7 supervisor

Norman Yee, president of the School Board, is running in the tighly contested race for District 7, one of the most conservative districts in...

Endorsement interviews: John Rizzo (D5 supervisor)

We're underway with our endorsement interviews for the November election, and I'll be posting the full sound file of all the interviews as we...