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Endorsements 2012

East Bay Endorsements 2012

Our recommendations in key Alameda County, Berkeley and Oakland races

Endorsements 2012: State ballot measures

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. No on 35 saves our sexworkers. GMO food gets a label when you vote Yes on 37

Endorsements 2012: San Francisco propositions

Yes (sigh) on Prop B. And vote hell yes to deny corporations personhood -- that'd be Prop G

Endorsements 2012

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. Rizzo and Selby for D5 supervisor. Yes (sigh) on B ... complete endorsements for national, state, and San Francisco races

Endorsements 2012: San Francisco races

Rizzo and Selby for D5 supervisor. Our top choice in D1 is Eric Mar

Endorsements 2012: State and national races

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. Go Barack, and vote No on 35 for sexworker justice

Endorsement interviews: Shamman Walton for School Board

September 17, 2012
Shamann Walton, who runs a youth development program, told us what most candidates tell us -- that the schools don't have enough money. But...

Endorsement interviews: Rachel Norton for School Board

September 17, 2012
Rachel Norton, one of three incumbents seeking re-election to the San Francisco School Board, sees herself as an advocate for parents, particularly parents of...

Endorsement interviews: Sandra Fewer for School Board

September 10, 2012
The San Francisco School Board has long been a fractious crew, with members sharply disagreeing on a lot of issues. They still disagree --...

Endorsement interviews: London Breed for D5 supervisor

September 10, 2012
District 5 candidate London Breed has an amazing life story. She grew up in the Western Addition projects, living with her grandmother at a...

Endorsement interviews: Julian Davis for D. 5 supervisor

September 10, 2012
Julian Davis, a candidate in District Five, has lined up some impressive endorsements. He's running to the left of the incumbent, Christina Olague, and...

Endorsement interviews: Norman Yee for D. 7 supervisor

September 7, 2012
Norman Yee, president of the School Board, is running in the tighly contested race for District 7, one of the most conservative districts in...

Endorsement interviews: John Rizzo (D5 supervisor)

August 22, 2012
We're underway with our endorsement interviews for the November election, and I'll be posting the full sound file of all the interviews as we...