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Ellis Act

Weighing a landlord’s promise

Parkmerced developer says rent control will be protected under new plan, but tenant advocates voice concerns

‘Infinite City’ maps out inexhaustible SF

December 1, 2010
In the introduction to her thrilling new book, Rebecca Solnit provides the best explanation for why Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas (University of...

Cash not care

Downtown groups are spending big money and making telling alliances in this election

Scott Wiener’s TIC letter

October 11, 2010
EDITORS NOTE: Includes corrections, noted at the bottom of the post. Scott Wiener, candidate for district 8 supervisor, is sending out a letter to people who...

Endorsement interviews: Scott Wiener

September 17, 2010
Scott Weiner has a long record in District 8. He helped build the LGBT Center, was the president of the Eureka Valley Improvement Association,...

Steve Moss, carpetbagger

September 10, 2010
UPDATE: Read Steve Moss's response to this story here.Steve Moss portrays himself as a District 10 candidate who has spent the last decade raising...

Endorsement Interviews: Malia Cohen

September 8, 2010
Malia Cohen has three priorities: She wants to keep District 10 residents working, healthy and safe. Healthy means expanding open space in the district,...

What DCCC questionnaires reveal about Adachi reform, sit-lie and marijuana

August 10, 2010
The DCCC makes its endorsements for the November election on August 11. And in preparation for that crucial endorsement, candidates filled out questionnaires that...

Ideas that work: a plan for a new San Francisco

With its own public bank, San Francisco could begin to fund and promote more community-centered forms of economic development

Another bloody budget

Newsom's latest budget slashes social services and would leave a long legacy of deficits

Inside the squat

Homes Not Jails seizes a vacant apartment that was recently an elderly man's home

Editorial: Where landlords, developers, and cars are king

EDITORIAL Are cars more important than people? Is it OK to evict a tenant just to make space for a garage? Should new garages...

Where landlords, developers, and cars are king

The Ellis Act has been responsible for thousands of San Franciscans losing their homes — and a new twist has been developing in Chiu's district

Why Newsom drives me nuts

February 9, 2010
This is the kind of thing that drive me nuts about the Newsom administration. A few days ago, SF Appeal ran an item on a...

Housing cars or people?

GREEN CITY: Supervisor Chiu introduces legislation that curtails evictions for garages

Where would we be without rent control?

The 30th anniversary of rent control in San Francisco

Editor’s Notes

My kids go to a wonderful public school (McKinley Elementary) where everyone isn't just like them

Dismantling the Newsom budget

The mayor's cheery line may sound good when he's out of town running for governor, but it's not going to play so well on the streets of San Francisco.

TICed off

Banks and speculators collude to evict longtime Mission tenants

Should California be split up?

March 17, 2009
By Tim Redmond It’s an interesting question. Nothing new, really -- folks up in the northern part of the state have been talking about secession...

Bad budget ideas

Quick fixes may generate cash for now, but they will lead to serious problems later

Family act

Could Joe Alioto Jr. actually be worse than his sister, Sup. Michela Alioto-Pier?

Endorsements 2008: National and state races

Obama for President, Sheehan for Congress, and more

The threat of Proposition 98

Gay marriage wins, but so may anti-discrimination protections