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Ellis Act

Airbnb’s tax and tenant law violations headed for hearings

As Airbnb continues to avoid making any public comment on the $1.8 million annual Transient Occupancy Tax obligation to the city that it appears...

All the rage

25 years ago, queer activist network ACT UP redefined AIDS, changed politics, and saved lives. Can the rebooted ACT UP/SF mobilize a new generation?

The happiest city — for some

Not to go all gloomy on a day when it's finally not cold and the sun is out and San Francisco was just named...

An Ellis Act boycott list

Jeremy Mykaels, who is featured in our story this week on Ellis Act evictions, is fighting back with his reseach and web-developer skills: He's...

Out of place

Evictions are driving long-time renters out of their homes -- and out of SF. Here are the stories of several people being evicted

Editor’s notes

Sorry we're not sorry, TIC owners -- the law applies to you, too

Housing stability for all

Think of the TIC owners, says Supervisor Wiener

LGBT icon evicted, leaving town, blasting Wiener

Documentary filmmaker and longtime queer community activist and leader David Weissman is leaving San Francisco -- because he and three other tenants of his...

Condo conversion legislation on hold for now

Following a contentious five-hour hearing, a committee of the Board of Supervisors postponed voting on a controversial housing proposal, and agreed to revisit the...

Ed Lee’s State of the City: What evictions? What displacement?

Mayor Ed Lee punctuated his State of the City speech with a nice little quip: "Every San Franciscan deserves a clean, safe place to...

TIC legislation is a rent control issue

We're in the most expensive city in the country, and we can't afford another 2,000 condo conversions

Measuring displacement

It's time for official reports for planned developments that "could lead to significant displacement of existing San Francisco residents."

Was it a great year?

At noon Dec. 19, a group of about 50 housing activists led by the Housing Rights Committee gathered at 18th and Castro, next to...

WTF, Chuck: Those poor exploited landlords

In my continuing attempt to make sense of the politics of the Chron's C.W. Nevius, I present: What The Fuck, Chuck -- the saga...

Guardian voices: The zombie condo converters

What is the shelf life of  a really bad public policy concerning housing in  San Francisco?When it comes to condo conversions of existing rent...

SF needs healthy housing

It's time to get beyond Band-Aids

Why three families, who never missed a rent payment, may face eviction

Alma Sierra has been living in her home at 490 Athens for three years. Sierra, her nine year old son, and two other mothers...

Things you should be doing to avoid eviction

Did everyone read Friday's Wall Street Journal home trends piece on the romance between wealthy tech workers and the Mission and Noe Valley? By...

The struggle for housing money at City Hall

It’s barely March, and the next election isn’t until June and that’s just primaries and the Democratic County Central Committee, but we just started...

Protesters climb on Wells Fargo roof to protest evictions

Activists held a massive banner and pitched a tent on the roof of the Wells Fargo branch at 16th and Mission Jan 14, while...

Homes for the 99 percent

Fed up with foreclosures and evictions, the Occupy SF Housing coalition fights back

A new progressive agenda

A series of community forums helped us craft a platform for the next mayor

The real Leland Yee

The one-time conservative supervisor is gaining broad progressive support. But who is Leland Yee, really?

Extra! Nevius finds a bad landlord!

Our old buddy C.W. Nevius actually found a landlord he doesn't like -- a guy named Peter Iskander who is trying to toss some...