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Scene: Bersa Discos hits the bueno

Here's an interview with new-cumbia whizzes Bersa Discos -- on the eve of their party Tormenta Tropical's first anniversary this Friday at the The...

Demon Days without end

Carl Craig's backlash-free club night roams to SF


Blasthaus hits lucky 13 with Matthew Dear, Dubclash Volume II steps out, Diamond Daggers hoe down

Super Ego: Cassy takes Kontrol

By Marke B. Clubwise, this is an absoschmutely luverly weekend to catch up on your real house music education. Representing the actual, incredible old school...

Holiday Guide 2008: Seasonal sounds

Sifting through the year's albums and shows for melodic gifting

Jonas Reinhardt

GOLDIES 2008 winner: Wembley-sized dreams for the contemporary Krautrockers

The Cutting Ball Theater

GOLDIES 2008 winner: It's often the warped glass that furnishes the truest picture

Future present

Electronic music's oracle Flying Lotus sails easily from the bedroom to Burial

Cosmic backlash

Is space no longer the place for neo-disco?

Magical madness

Underground house icon Mike Monday shimmies between fun and funny

SF Electronic Music Festival

Science-derived computer music, synth-y innovation,s and rearranged Persian classics

Dinosaur tattoos are the new tramp stamp: Meet Sam Kehl

Intrepid reporter Justin Juul hits the streets each week for our Meet Your Neighbors series, interviewing the Bay Area folks you'd like to know...

Sound in the balance

Kush Arora's aggressive audio hybrids

Nine years of everything

Don't ever stop ruthlessly criticizing everything that exists. It's the only way we'll survive

DEMF: Girl Talk bumrush, Mr. De’s sexy beach, gettin’ Yeke

Marke "too many pills, you're not 17 anymore" B is at Movement '08: Detroit's Electronic Music Festival. Read part one here, and part two...

DEMF: Moby’s Go-go, Hawtin clogs, DBX shocks ’em, and too high to skate

Detroit native gadabout Marke B. hits Movement '08: Detroit's Electronic Music Festival with a handbag full of what-what. Read part one here. The Techno...

DEMF: Cold techno feet as big fest heats up

Native Detroit gadabout Marke B. hits Movement: The Detroit Electronic Music Festival That thing where you return to your hometown and immediately, or at...

Cluster klatch: Krautrock poobah Hans-Joachum Roedelius gives it up

By Matt Sussman Kosmiche godfathers Cluster have been back from the future for more than three decades now, with the core duo of Hans-Joachum Roedelius...

Bumping and thriving

Om Hip Hop puts real life back on the dance floor

Listening deeply to future’s past

Autechre skitters between the post-classical, the plug-in, and the dance floor

Tingly for techno: DEMF lineup announced

First off: How old does it make me feel that some kid at UPenn is writing his dissertation on the techno parties I threw...

Noise Pop: Fuck yeah

Holy Fuck's dance exclamations

Joakim: Very tall, very French

By Vanessa K. Carr It's hard to tell sometimes with the French: how much of their dry humor and peculiarity is due to their French-ness,...

Blow by Blow: At the beck and call of Khaela Maricich

The Blow's Khaela Maricich is a charmer - and lord, the girl knows how to multitask, moving into her new Portland, Ore., studio while...