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Election Night

Election night parties

Start the night off at the Bay Guardian’s “Don’t Dodge the Drafts” party at Doc’s Clock, 2575 Mission Street, between 21st and 22nd Streets,...

Election-night coverage

by Tim Redmond This blog is typically crowded on election night; I’m down at City Hall posting updates as the results come in and various...

Election security that works

California should become its own vendor

Chicken and the pot

Marginalized mayoral candidate Chicken John raises big bucks to emerge as a force in the race


Pelosi is not one of us

Turning point

Progressives prove that district elections and ranked-choice voting really work

Election wraps, sucka

By G.W. Schulz Ahhhhh, yes. Another energy draining election night for the Bay Guardian, as many of our former reporters can fondly remember. Run across...

Three years 364 days and counting

Three years 364 days and counting By Sarah Phelan Alix Rosenthal’s election night party at the 500 Club was feisty, even if She Who Would Usurp...

Our roundup of Guardian live election night coverage


Backing Black

live report by G. W. Schulz Rob Black's election night party is easily the best dressed I've been to so far. Lots of ties. Lots...

Election night parties

Throw down with the candidates and watch the election returns

Kernighan cautiously optimistic

live report by James Woodard As early numbers roll in, Pat Kernighan is being cautiously optimistic at his election night party being held at Sushi...

Asian representation in District 4

live report by Jon Beckhardt The energy at Harry Ha's restaurant on Irving isn't exactly captiviting. Janry Mak's core campaign has yet to show...

More Hellman and SFSOS

By Steven T. Jones I just got another call from Warren Hellman, who said he was saddened to see a group he founded but later...

More Hellman on SFSOS

By Steven T. Jones I just got another call from Warren Hellman, who said he was saddened to see a group he founded but later...

Anatomy of a scandal foretold

How was the Mexican election stolen? Let us count the ways

Notes from the AC

By Sarah Phelan Somewhere in Alameda County You’ve got to feel just a tad sorry for the political animals in the East Bay tonight. While other...

What happened to our Web site?

By Tim Redmond Well, the simple answer is that we're still not sure -- but there's some indication that we were socked by a denial-of-service...


For those of you who are still trying to vote, I'm really sorry that our endorsements haven't been available, but here they are: The Clean...