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Election Night

From the Kamala Harris party

City Attorney Dennis Herrera, and Board President David Chiu, Criminal Justice Podcaster David Onek and other local luminaries floated around the Delancy Street Foundation where,...

At the Newsom party

Gavin Newsom stopped short of declaring victory until the numbers are final, but said he was excited to be a part of a crucial...

DCCC: The progressives are holding their majority

June 8, 2010
It came down to the wire, but the progressives appear to have held their majority on the DCCC. I can now count 18 progressives...

More SF results: Colfax is in, Nava leading, DCCC very, very close

June 8, 2010
Linda Colfax is going to win the open judicial seat without a runoff. She's got 52 percent of the vote, and her lead is...

The impact of Prop. 14

June 8, 2010
Proposition 14 was the sleeper on the ballot; it's only there because Abel Maldonado refused to vote for a state budget unless both parties...

Nail biters

June 8, 2010
Prop. 16 is going to be close. It's wavering back and forth, with PG&E losing votes as Central Valley precincts report, but picking up...

From the progressive DCCC party

June 8, 2010
Alex Emslie gives this report from the progressive DCCC victory party: As of 9 p.m., close to 100 people have gathered at the Project 1...

The GOP’s Wall Street ticket

June 8, 2010
Steven T. Jones reports that the folks at the Newsom victory party aren't just celebrating Gavin's overwhelming win; they're looking forward to the fall....

A bit of good news from the East Bay

June 8, 2010
It appears at this point as if Victoria Kolakowski, who is leading with 46 percent of the vote, may become the first transgender trial-court judge...

Some scary stuff

June 8, 2010
The results on Prop. 14 -- the open primaries law -- are a bit alarming. This thing's passing with 60 percent of the vote...

Kamala has won. So has Dave Jones

June 8, 2010
Kamala Harris is far ahead in the AG. primary, and we can call that one for her at this point. Chris Kelly spent a...

San Francisco results — the absentees

June 8, 2010
The first results are in from San Francisco, and the typically conservative absentee votes include a few surprises. Linda Colfax, a lesbian public defender,...

Prop. 17 — a bit futher ahead

June 8, 2010
Mercury Insurance, sad to say, is doing a bit better than PG&E; Prop. 17 has a 55-45 lead. But other than Marin, these are...

Solomon: Democrats boosting rightwing populism

January 20, 2010
The Democratic leadership on health care and bank bailouts has been so corporate that it has demobilized and demoralized the Democrat ic base...

WiFi at City Hall — but no electricity

July 22, 2009
By Tim Redmond Okay, so we finally have WiFi at City Hall. This is something some of us have been talking about for years; at...

It’s election day…really

By Steven T. Jones Maybe you didn’t notice, but there’s an election today. Whether you support or oppose the half-dozen state measures on this...

Vanishing points

Real change, or changing the subject — the search for truth within Roberto Bolaño's epic 2666

Profiles of change

Inauguration Issue: President Obama's call for citizen action is already resonating

Tyranny of the majority

Supreme Court makes the Prop. 8 debate about equal protection and separation of powers

Progressive Victory Party in SF

November 21, 2008
Sup. Chris Daly displays finger puppets that look like supervisors-elect John Avalos, Eric Mar, and David Chiu, mocking efforts during the campaign to assert...

Read states

Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey's State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America

Cindy: Revolution will not be reported!

November 15, 2008
From Cindy Sheehan The Revolution Will not be Reported! Or Funded by Corporate Interests! Dear Friend/Supporter, It has been 10 days since the election and Cindy for...

The future is on track

Voters narrowly approve high-speed rail bond measure after a perilous run-up to the election

The people’s election

On (almost) every level, the grassroots beat the establishment and the progressives beat the big money