Torture Inc.

Michael Winterbottom goes where Hollywood won't: The Road to Guantánamo

Lick your pronouns

> CHEAP EATS Years ago when I haunted the other edge of this continent I lived in a chickenless shack under the bridge between...

My crones sleep alone

4: berserk reasons to believe in Russian cinema, if not society

Rankin’ Reykjavik

› SONIC REDUCER I love the fact that whenever you leave this country, you immediately come to the discomfiting realization that ... you're...

The burger hopper

› The hamburger has a certain Zelig quality in America: It turns up all over the place, in guises high and low,...

Arbitrary anachronism

TECHSPLOITATION We listened to 1930s music in the car, pretending we were on a country jaunt in our new automobile. But when we finally...

Noise: The Guardian’s new music blog

March 27, 2006
Our SXSW recap and much more.

NOISE: SXSW, the final fantasy, part 2

March 22, 2006
SXSW -- oh, that old thing? That was sooo...last Saturday. Before it fades from memory, only to be replaced by the latest whiskey bar,...

Stone cold cooking

 Sonic Reducer Wonderful, unforeseen taste combinations are everywhere you look — and they go beyond the mundane peanut butter and chocolate, Tom and Katie,...