Peskin for DCCC chair

We're not happy with the level of animosity here

The SF Democratic Party’s future

June 25, 2008
Lots of talk and some interesting action at the Harvey Milk LGBT Club meeting last night. Marc Salomon, Robert Haaland and I gave a...

Politics and sausage

Last night, I was reminded of the old joke that people who like sausage and appreciate politics shouldn't watch either one being made. Less than...

Editor’s Notes

If Mark Leno had lost, he would have lost big

Election as prologue

Leno victory and other ballot results shift San Francisco's political landscape

El Rio: No on Prop 98, Ammiano, Sandoval, Prop F progressive free-for-all

June 3, 2008
Amanda Witherell calls in to report: There's about 200 hundred people milling about optimistically at El Rio, for a party that's basically a catchall progressive...

Fascinating night — and not all bad at all

June 3, 2008
Well, we got walloped on Props. G and F, but other than that, it's shaping up as a fascinating night for progressives -- and...

City Hall: New results

June 3, 2008
We have about 20 percent of the vote in now, and here's how it looks: Prop. A has gone up to 63 percent, and will...

City Hall: DCCC results

June 3, 2008
Remember, these are early absentees, but here's who's winning at the DCCC right now in District 13: Leslie Katz David Chiu David Campos Laura Spanjian Aaron Peskin Scott Wiener Robert Haaland Rafael...

Election night parties

Here's a roundup of the main local election night parties: Yes on A – Great American Music Hall, O’Farrell and Polk streets Yes on F, No...

We stand with Carole Migden

Few politicians who have risen as high in the establishment food chain as Carole Migden have done so retaining a willingness to fight for the underdog.


Kaplan for Oakland City Council. Sandoval for judge. No, no, no on 98 ... Our complete endorsements for the June 3 election -- including our Migden vs. Leno pick

Editor’s Notes

The Democratic County Central Committee's trouble with proxy votes

Progressive power play for the DCCC

The word from the San Francisco Elections Office is that all hell has broken loose as the city's top progressive political leaders file to...

Healthy Saturdays gaining ground

By Steven T. Jones Environmentalists and alternative transportation activists are winning some key endorsements in the run up to next month's second annual Healthy Saturdays...

Democratic madness

August 24, 2006
By Tim Redmond The Democratic County Central Committee can sometimes be a zoo, but it's no joke: The endorsement of the panel gives tremendous credibility...

more results — DCCC

June 6, 2006
By Tim Redmond At City Hall More than half the precincts are in, and we know what the 13th AD Democratic County Central Committee will look...