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Stop the homeless sweeps

Expensive, inefficient, foolish, and morally offensive

The crime of being homeless

San Francisco prosecutors crack down on quality-of-life crimes

The tragic tale of Tamesha Tobie

Gun violence kills a teenage girl -- and nobody's solving the crime

Paging Dr. Sumchai

Can a brainy physician bring environmental justice issues to the mayor's race?

Harm reduction in the park

Suggestions for appropriate technology disposal solutions

Black and white and color

Shots seen round the Bay Area and beyond by 10 sharp-eyed photographers

Still censored: the story and debate on the impacts of media consolidation in the Bay Area

April 16, 2007
By Bruce B. Brugmann For years, the Guardian has been publishing on its front page the “Project Censored” story, a list and story of...

A hammer, a pizza guy, and $60

A hammer, a pizza guy, and $60: how California's probation system can skew criminal justice

Editor’s Notes

The case for a real mayoral race

The numbers game

January 31, 2007
By G.W. Schulz The police department sent out a press release earlier today complaining about an Examiner article from last Friday highlighting the city's dismal...

Leave pretrial diversion alone

EDITORIAL The San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project is one of the most successful programs in the city's criminal justice system. The project works with...

Prosecute election theft

EDITORIAL There's no doubt at all that a group of downtown businesses operating through a series of supposedly independent political committees organized in part...

A real war on crime

OPINION Once again, with their backs against the wall, Republicans are attempting to stave off political defeat in November by playing to Americans' fears...

The 2006 political candidates let loose with us

The endorsement tapes: Unedited, uncensored interviews with candidates for local office.

Prop. A reality check

Just weeks after the homicide prevention measure failed - a beloved DJ is shot dead in the Mission


For proof – as if any is needed – that television is overwhelmingly a right-wing medium, one need only contemplate the manner in which...