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Don’t blame it on Onek

Text by Sarah Phelan David Onek is a San Francisco Police Commissioner and founding executive director of the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice. When the Board...

The hardest time

After a decade in lockup, J.J. Tennison still maintains his innocence - and his lawyer is still fighting for him

The rise and fall of a Polk Street hustler

Corey Longseeker is a telling remnant of this gentrifying neighborhood's colorful past

Wolf mugged, more Ryan fallout

Text by Sarah Phelan With Congress about to reconsider a media shield bill, here’s another reason why legislators should protect reporters from being forced to...

Public safety adrift

At this pivotal moment for law enforcement, will Newsom and his top deputies continue to let politics guide policy?

Up against ICE

Immigrant-rights groups challenge the mayor to stand behind SF's sanctuary ordinance

Sharing the pain

Newsom's budgetary olive branch does little to ease the impact or win over supervisors

Behind “the Twinkie Defense”

The reporter who coined the infamous phrase in the Guardian looks back at the White trial

Project Censored

The top 10 stories the US news media missed in the past year

Report blasts Newsom’s top crime advisor

By Steven T. Jones Former U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan -- who now heads Mayor Gavin Newsom's Office of Criminal Justice and has steered the mayor...

What are safe streets?

Mayoral task force looks for ways to protect people in San Francisco — from the homeless

Vicious circle

Violence in the Mission is increasing — but immigrants are less likely to want to talk to the police

Newsom heads South

By Steven T. Jones In the latest indication that Mayor Gavin Newsom intends to run as far away from San Francisco values as possible during...

Two former mayors help Mirkarimi launch campaign

As I predicted, Friday’s campaign kickoff event for Sup. Ross Mirkarimi wasn’t simply about whether he’ll be reelected to the Board of Supervisors. It...


Kaplan for Oakland City Council. Sandoval for judge. No, no, no on 98 ... Our complete endorsements for the June 3 election -- including our Migden vs. Leno pick

Closing time

San Francisco shuts a much-needed 24-hour homeless center

Buster’s axed: City’s top earners next?

Anyway you cut it, the city budget deficit is going to be painful Sup. Chris Daly failed to save Buster’s Place from the budgetary chopping...

Unchain my art

"The Prison Project" shines a light on works by artists touched by incarceration

Crime cameras for the defense

If the cameras can be used for prosecution, they ought to be available to lawyers for people who want to establish an alibi

Sharing the Panopticon

Public defenders say they're being barred from accessing surveillance camera footage that could exonerate the innocent

Team Newsom’s $$$ value. More or less.

Before we get to the juicy details of how much money Team Newsom is taking home, it's worth noting that Mayor Gavin Newsom spent...

Editor’s Notes

36 hours later PG&E still couldn't get the power back on along Third Street.

Newsom taps law-and-order Republican

Mayor Gavin Newsom's decision to hire former U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan to head the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice speaks volumes about his administration's...

Endorsements: Local offices

Mecke, Sumchai, and Chicken John for mayor. Plus: Other endorsements