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Local hire victory party a political who’s who

The atmosphere at the local hiring victory party that Laborers Local 261 held at its Union Hall this week  was positively elated. Beer, wine...

Paul Henderson denies D.A. deal with Willie Brown

Paul Henderson doesn’t mince words when it comes to debunking the notion that Willie Brown helped him get his new job as Mayor Ed...

Henderson drops out of D.A’s office and race, SFPD Chief turned D.A. Gascón appoints DeBerry as new chief of staff

I wondered what Willie Brown was talking about when he wrote that making sure that D.A. office insider Paul Henderson was “taken care of”...

Onek to SFPD Chief turned D.A. Gascon: release records of officers cleared in shootings

Calitics has a revealing letter from David Onek, a senior fellow at the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice, a former member of the San...

Challenging Gascón in the D.A.’s race

Challenging George Gascón in the District Attorney's race isn’t going to be a cake walk, even though he was Newsom’s former police chief and...

They have issues: Members of the new Board speak

Board President David Chiu touched off a broad political discussion in recent weeks with his statement that officials were elected “not to take positions,...

George Gascon, longtime Republican

One thing I didn’t know when I wrote about former police chief George Gascón's shocking Jan. 9 appointment as San Francisco’s next district attorney...

Is Chiu really set to roll into D.A.’s office?

Last month, when I wrote about the game of musical chairs in the D.A.'s office that Kamala Harris’ victory in the Attorney General’s race...

The next district attorney

Buried in all the hoopla over mayoral succession is another key job — and more political intrigue

Class of 2010: Malia Cohen

Can a winner who lost the first-place vote in D10 be a bridge builder?

Jail bait

Go ahead  -- oil your countertop with your elbows! The grab some udon at Live Sishi Bistro

Prison for killer cop

Disappointed by the lenient sentence, Grant supporters vow to continue fighting for justice

Endorsements 2010: San Francisco candidates

SUPERVISOR, DISTRICT 2 JANET REILLY Frankly, we were a little surprised by the Janet Reilly who came in to give us her pitch as a District...

Arlington & Santa Clara join SF in requesting S-Comm opt-out

The County Board in Arlington, Virginia and the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors both voted unanimously September 28 to opt out of S-Comm, a...

Editor’s Notes

The cops deal with annoying white people all the time, and they don't get beat up, shot, or abused anywhere nearly as often as black people

And now, the race to replace Kamala Harris

David Onek, who has strong political connections and little courtroom experience, sent out a email today announcing that he wants to be San Francisco's...

From the Kamala Harris party

City Attorney Dennis Herrera, and Board President David Chiu, Criminal Justice Podcaster David Onek and other local luminaries floated around the Delancy Street Foundation where,...

Cutting from the bottom

Newsom's mental health budget would trigger federal funding loss, reducing treatment to the most severe cases by a third

Sheriff: ICE referrals will leap from 2,000 to 40,000

There was a strong showing of supervisors, activists and community members at today’s rally to urge San Francisco to opt out of the Secure...

Will Arizona trigger even worse federal immigration laws?

During interviews with civil and immigrant rights advocates about the complicated dynamics around immigration, several expressed concern that Arizona won't be the ultimate game...

Top pic picks

SFIFF: Short takes on festival flicks

Crime Bomb

Police crime labs are churning out tainted evidence — and nobody's doing anything about it.

Crime Bomb

Police crime labs are churning out tainted evidence — and nobody's doing anything about it.

Sit/lie debate takes a strange new turn

Emails are rocketing around San Francisco political circles in anticipation of an April 21 meeting of the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC), the policy-making...