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Editor’s Notes

You'd think this was a Republican town, reading the local news media lately

The death of Polk Street

The death of Polk Street: Gentrification is destroying the home of a vibrant, if marginalized, queer community

The original queer district

A brief history of the Polk's queer cred

Editor’s Notes

Developer-driven planning is, by definition, terrible

Editor’s Notes

The new Transbay Terminal plans suck

Is Bruce Brugmann alive, or is he spinning in his grave?

By Bruce B. Brugmann Several folks pointed out to me that the San Francisco Chronicle carried a premature comment on my death, in its ...

Dust storm continues

The dust is still settling after a contentious Board of Supervisors hearing July 31 about public health problems allegedly related to the 1,500-unit condo...

Fixing Muni — and traffic

There's absolutely no reason why this city can't stick to its transit-first policy and set a goal of reducing congestion in the urban core

This is strong?

By Steven T. Jones Frankly, I'm not terribly disappointed to hear that Matt Gonzalez isn't running for mayor. Having basically bowed out of public life...

Key housing vote on tuesday

By Tim Redmond The supervisors will vote Tuesday on whether to allow high-end condos and (another!) Walgreens in the Mission at 3400 Cesar Chavez. Leftinsf...

No waterfront highrises

The kind of decision that will affect the city for a century or more

Tweeking the tidelands

Tweeking the tidelands: Migden's attempt to amend coastal law triggers a classic land-use battle

Downtown’s car obsession

By Tim Redmond So the developers and some businesses want to build more parking in San Francisco. We've seen this game before; in the past,...

A clear housing choice in the Mission

Why bring another Walgreen's in?

Fix Newsom’s bad budget

A progressive city should not be pandering

Lennar’s Bad News Bears

Marc McGuire, a tile contractor from San Diego, and CALPASC’s Brad Diede on CNBC this spring to discuss accusations that Lennar has been extorting...

The budget’s opening battle

Sparks fly from the Newsom/Daly budget battle

Pet projects

Pet Projects: Can the San Francisco SPCA overcome recent setbacks and regain its position as a leader in the national no-kill movement?

Budget battle brews

By Steven T. Jones Mayor Gavin Newsom may be content with a "back to basics budget" that focuses on clearing the streets of trash, potholes,...

Newsom’s huge housing failure

If officials keep it up, the city will continue to get richer, whiter, and more boring

Nude beaches

Our updated guide to places to strip by the shore

SF, the next generation

If the children are our future, what happens if they can't afford to live here?

Ellis Act crisis

Will Leland Yee help stop evictions?

On point

Is Newsom pitting artists and activists against athletes and developers at the Hunters Point Shipyard?