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The machine

Sup. Scott Wiener is relentless, driven, prolific — and changing San Francisco in sometimes alarming ways

Editor’s notes

We've got to make the push to public power if we care about our environment's future

The missing element of the Renewable Energy study

Since San Francisco's Local Agency Formation Commission is meeting Dec. 7 to talk about renewable energy, I went and read the 100-page report of...

The plutocrat

Tech mogul Ron Conway is trying to buy San Francisco politics and sell his pro-business agenda

Sorting out a strange election

What the Nov. 6 results mean -- and don't mean

D5 race displays key SF political dynamics

There’s so much to say about the District 5 supervisorial race, whose top five finishers’ parties I attended tonight, gathering interesting perspectives from each...

So-called DV group doing PG&E’s dirty work

Any pretense that the group called San Francisco Women for for Responsibility and an Accountable Supervisor is anything more than a downtown sham vanished...

Man for the moment?

John Rizzo's calm demeanor and steady progressivism may be the antidote to the sordid D5 supervisorial race

Endorsements 2012: San Francisco propositions

Yes (sigh) on Prop B. And vote hell yes to deny corporations personhood -- that'd be Prop G

Endorsements 2012: San Francisco races

Rizzo and Selby for D5 supervisor. Our top choice in D1 is Eric Mar

Endorsements 2012: State and national races

End the death penalty -- Yes on 34. Go Barack, and vote No on 35 for sexworker justice

Impertinent questions for the PG&E 3 supervisors

Note: The Guardian and I were delighted, after fighting PG&E since 1969 to enforce the public power mandates of the federal Raker Act,  to...

Stop the presses: CleanPowerSF 8, PG&E 3

Sometimes, the good guys (and gals) win.And so, after the Guardian started the public power movement in 1969  with the pioneering Joe Neilands expose...

Historic, veto-proof vote launches CleanPowerSF

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors today cast an historic vote that was more than a decade in the making, approving the CleanPowerSF program...

The historic PG&E/clean energy vote today

And so, after a Guardian campaign that started in 1969 to kick PG&E out of City Hall and bring the city’s own Hetch Hetchy...

Committee approves CleanPowerSF over downtown opposition

The question of whether San Francisco creates a renewable energy program that offers an alternative to Pacific Gas & Electric got its first major...

PG&E union mounts attack on Clean Power SF

The union that represents PG&E workers -- and has opposed every single public-power initiative in modern San Francisco history -- just launched an attack...

Approve clean power SF

The plan's got flaws, but it's all we've got

The SFPUC’s cool new building

I finallly got a tour of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's cool new building at 525 Golden Gate. It's about as green as...

Parting gift

Harrington finally brings CleanPowerSF to City Hall, hoping his SFPUC legacy will be a city that produces its own renewable energy

Restore Hetch Hetchy conjures corporate boogiemen

The campaign for a ballot measure that seeks to create a plan for tearing down the O'Shaughnessy Dam – San Francisco's main source of...

Two clean energy tracks for SF

Small tweaks could make the city's road to sustainable power a lot less bumpy

Making CleanPowerSF work

The city's clean power plan is going to save you money

Guardian editorial: Making Clean Power SF work

EDITORIAL The way the San Francisco Chronicle describes it, the city's new green power program "won't come cheap." That's a line that Pacific Gas...