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Policing the police

Unprecedented Berkeley coalition is creating policies to regulate a wide variety of police-state abuses

BART adopts policy on cutting cell phone service

 The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board of Directors has adopted the nation's first policy outlining the circumstances under which cell phone service can...

Endorsements 2011

Avalos for mayor. Mirkarimi for sheriff. Onek for district attorney. Yes on C, No on D, E, and F ... complete endorsements for the San Francisco election

Taking sit-lie lying down: Graduate student beds down on Haight Street

Some things seem strange even for San Francisco. The pedestrian double take was in full effect at the Haight Street curb where Bennett Austin...

On Guard!

Our perspective on the week's most notable San Francisco news

An American blindness

We're ten years from 9/11 and still in the Long War. Can we open our eyes in time?

BART protests continue (VIDEO)

Protesters returned to downtown San Francisco train stations on August 29, vowing to keep up their schedule of Monday evening rush hour protests until...

Even BART must honor free speech rights

Given the recent battles between BART and both the physical and online protesters organized by the group Anonymous, it's no surprise that the live...

BART arrests protesters for speaking out

Faced with yet another protest over BART's disruption of cell phone service on August 11 to preemptively disrupt a protest, and with lingering anger...

Stop cell phone censorship

The BART board has proven itself unable to properly monitor and oversee its law-enforcement operations

Editorial: Stop cell phone censorship

The bizarre move by BART officials Aug. 11 to shut down cell phone service in the underground train stations made headlines around the world...

Advocates aim to change youth sentencing of life without parole

Christian Bracamontes was 16 years old and had never been in trouble with the law when he made a decision that landed him in...

Waves of protest pound at BART, shutting down stations

Watch exclusive SFBG video of the Civic Center protest here.The latest battle between BART and its growing group of grassroots foes played out during...

Campaign for the Woolsey legacy

We have to hold the North Bay congressional seat for the values that Lynn Woolsey has represented

Suhr sounds open to Portland-style FBI terrorism taskforce resolution

When the Guardian sat down with SFPD Chief Greg Suhr last week, it was shortly after the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Julius Turman...

Will another DREAMer be deported, despite ICE’s S-Comm reforms?

Last week, ICE announced reforms to its controversial Secure Communities program. Civil rights advocates denounced these changes as window dressing, and the Guardian broke...

Civil rights advocates say S-Comm reforms are spin, part of bigger FBI biometric tracking plan

In face of mounting criticism nationwide, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced today changes to its Secure Communities (S-Comm) deportation program. These changes...

Tipping point

Battle for a Police Commission appointment reflects ongoing problems in the department

Waggoner for Police Commission

Despite reforms, we have a Police Department that is struggling to overcome credibility and morale problems

FBI spying will be an issue for new Police Commissioner

When Police Chief Greg Suhr got sworn in at City Hall a month ago, reporters each got to ask one question during a hastily...

Sit-lie isn’t working. Imagine that.

Guess what? The much-hyped sit-lie law ins't working. That's what the Bay Citizen reports today in a story that should surprise nobody who has...

Dick Meister: A Memorial Day Massacre

 It’s a dramatic, shocking and violent film. Some 200 uniformed policemen armed with billy clubs, revolvers and tear gas angrily charge an unarmed crowd...

Fatal stance

As the D.A.'s race heats up, the death penalty emerges as a big issue

Fear the beard

Can an employer get away with firing someone for having facial hair?