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Fiscal solidarity

Fiscal solidarity means we recognize that an injury to one is an injury to all

Newsom and his commissioners just love Candlestick/Shipyard report

 Text by Sarah Phelan, photos by Luke ThomasToday, I’m dedicating Michael Franti’s  “Say hey, (I love you)” to the entire Redevelopment Commission and the...

Sit-lie: A city planning issue?

The City Planning Commission will be taking up the proposed sit-lie law April 1. No, that's not an April Fool's joke -- city planners...

Developers win, but just this round

So the developers won the first round of the 555 Washington battle -- and the role of the Recreation and Parks and City Planning...

The Green Party’s nadir

With its numbers down and its stars leaving, a progressive party contemplates its prospects

Transamerica condos: the mystery continues

I’m not going to actually suggest that anyone watch all four hours-plus of the Planning Commission hearing last week on the highrise condo tower...

The Candlestick farce

Two commissions reject logic and common sense to promote Newsom's stadium agenda


Pelosi's wrong on Georgia

The commissioner’s conflicts

Planning Commission member Michael Antonini lands in hot water over ethics rules

Woo-hoo, a planning party

What are you doing after work tomorrow? Critical Mass? The Alterna-Mass that all the cool bikers are talking about? Maybe a happy hour somewhere,...

Newsom’s fixers

If the mayor really needs new $150,000-per-year aides, he should take that money out of the General Fund and tell the public where it's coming from.

Attempted Power Grab at the Planning Commission

A mayoral power grab was narrowly thwarted at the San Francisco Planning Commission in a 4-3 vote, Jan. 17. Commission Vice President Christina Olague led...

Citizen planning

Western SoMa task force gathers community input as it seeks to become a grassroots success story