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A real SF tweet

Missing chickens -- but plucking up the Old Clam House

Fresh and fancy-free

3 fantastic new thrifty dining options: Chubby Noodle, Roostertail, Galette 88

Brighter Days

A friend heads for sunnier climes -- and Oakland's LCX


Searching for religion -- and finding Chinese doughnuts at Gum Kuo


Five-fer tacos and waiterperson waffles at Reaction

Tough mustard

From soccer feijoada to Bernal's Avedano's

Occupy Yolkland

Breaking it gently at Montclair Egg Shop

Drive, she said

Changing lanes -- and zooming toward sustainable sushi at Tataki South

Parking it

Spinning many wheels -- and finding sustenance at the Alameda branch of Burma Superstar

On the Cheap Listings

October 11, 2011
WEDNESDAY 12"Hoarding in the Digital Age" lecture Scanners bookstore, 312 Valencia, SF. www.scannersproject.com. 6:30 p.m., free. Renaissance woman Rebecca Falkoff is a Ph.D. candidate...

Coyote moon

Singing the Baby Blues BBQ

Ms. Mirliton

Criolla Kitchen triumphs with the little things (like starter salads)


Love brings West Indies Creole habanero sauce to the table

Sneaky peeps

Sneaky's BBQ: plenty spicy, but good enough for dessert?


If you can't remember brunch the first time, you could do worse than Sunny Side Cafe

Cheese bits

Wagon wheels with butter sauce and lots of cheese aren't the only culinary comforts at Caffe Venezia

Appetite: Island bites, part five

Kauai: dreamy island respite, painfully beautiful, truly relaxing (other than east side traffic!) Last time, I covered restaurants and cheap eats, and killer cocktails...

Appetite: Napa’s affordable eats and surprising treats

After countless weekends in Napa over the years, I'm flush with recommendations for worthy restaurants and hotels. It's not always the most affordable area,...

Knee-jerked reaction

Bowl'd cures the ain't-got-no-cowboy-hat blues

Kill your TV

Crawfish pieroghis and satsuma-flavored snow-blizzes

Stuck on my craw

Look out she's back -- and she's Rockin' Crawfish

Synapse lapse

Iridium flares, Chicago Bears -- and Great American BBQ


Mardi Gras dreams -- and big bowls of ramen at Katana-Ya

Eat your slumgolian

You can go with that -- or you can go with the Taco Shop @ Underdogs