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Why Muni won’t earn a dime off the tech buses

Every day mammoth private buses squeeze into San Francisco public bus stops, and every day they contribute to the delay of countless Muni buses....

What jobs?

Economic recovery is lopsided — and disorganization in the city's workforce development system doesn't help

Tech in schools

SFUSD is slowly but steadily working to bring more technology into the classrooms

Stand up for the little guy

OPINION Last week, my partner and I journeyed early one morning to Sacramento to sign documents at the Secretary of State. We did this...

Wealth vs. work

The tech sector has created great wealth — and worse inequality. Is that San Francisco's future?

Our freak of a governor

January 24, 2013
We all know this, but I have to say it again: Jerry Brown is one strange agent.His State of the State address was blessedly...

The downside of Jerry Brown’s budget

January 10, 2013
The guv is quite proud of his new budget: He's eliminated the chronic deficits, he's giving some more money to the schools, and he's...

How Jerry Brown got us here

September 17, 2012
Jerry Roberts, who has long been among the best political reporters in California, has a nice, detailed piece on CalBuzz about Jerry Brown's history...

Are California taxes fair?

May 30, 2012
Let's start with an assumption that I think most sane (non-libertarian, non-right-wing-GOP) people agree on: A tax system ought to be based on ability...

Occupying the Capitol

Amid education cuts and tuition hikes, students increase pressure in Sacramento

Why the public thinks government is fat

January 26, 2012
Polls from the PPIC are typically pretty accurate, so I have no reason to doubt the results of a recent one showing that a...

The good news about the mid-year state cuts

December 13, 2011
Well, there isn't much good news, really -- Gov. Jerry just announced another $1 billion in cuts, mostly to education and services for the...

Why Occupy? Here’s why

November 8, 2011
The Chron buried the story below an item about Chevron cutting its grants to PBS, but if you want to see the case for...

Cleaning up UC’s mess

Low-wage University of California workers live in poverty while top executives get big bonuses

A tax break for the billionaire Fisher family

October 7, 2010
The L.A. Times reported Oct. 6 that the Fisher family -- the heirs to right-wing power-broker Don Fisher's GAP fortune -- is set to...

Holding corporations accountable for job creation claims

September 21, 2010
Amid the ongoing state budget impasse and an election season dominated by scapegoating public employee unions for public sector fiscal problems, Sen. Leland Yee...

Arnold’s budget casts most vulnerable as The Expendables

August 18, 2010
As California’s Budget Conference Committee moves forward with negotiations for the 2010 budget, Assembly member Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) is promoting her movie, “Faces Behind...


May 11, 2010
alert@sfbg.com WEDNESDAY, MAY 12 Fix California's budget Ever wonder if you could do a better job balancing the California budget than the professionals? Now's your chance to...

The state budget isn’t growing

March 30, 2010
I heard a great show on NPR the other day about the new rules on compensation for executives whose banks got federal bailout money....

The lesson of California

ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: The Golden State that invented the tax revolt is failing, but the conservative movement presses on

What went wrong

The Republicans had all the power: they could block any budget deal, they refused to raise any taxes, and they don't really care if the state goes bankrupt

Editorial: What went wrong in Sacramento

July 27, 2009
In the end, the Republicans largely carried the day because they had all the power and could block any budget deal, refuse to raise...

State budget secrets: $2.5 billion in tax giveaways

June 10, 2009
By Megan Rawlins There’s no building-sized rock in Sacramento hiding 264 tons of cash – the approximate weight of the state’s budget deficit measured in...

Prison report: Inmates will be back

Editors note: Just A Guy is an inmate in a California state prison. Read his last blog entry (and links to past ones) here....