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Business Taxes

Boom for whom?

Why isn't San Francisco's hot economy creating a budget surplus to address its costly byproducts?

Time to enforce the law

Airbnb owes the city some money -- will we ever collect?

The (bad) Warriors deal, by the numbers

January 17, 2013
Rudy Nothenberg, who ran Muni and the city’s water system, was chief administrative officer, negotiated the deal for the Giants ballpark, and served under...

Will narrow business interests continue to dominate SF’s political agenda?

January 4, 2013
Will the narrow, deceptive, and disempowering “jobs” rhetoric of the last two years continue to dominate San Francisco politics in 2013? Or can San...

The plutocrat

Tech mogul Ron Conway is trying to buy San Francisco politics and sell his pro-business agenda

Endorsements 2012: San Francisco propositions

Yes (sigh) on Prop B. And vote hell yes to deny corporations personhood -- that'd be Prop G

Why do Lee, Chiu, and others want to stifle economic growth?

Why do Mayor Ed Lee, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu, and San Francisco's two major daily newspapers want to punish success? Because that's...

No deal yet on business tax reform as competing measure are introduced

Mayor Ed Lee and his business community allies failed to reach an agreement with labor and progressives by today's deadline for submitting fall ballot...

NYT joins SFBG in questioning the new tech bubble

While most of the mainstream media in San Francisco continues to parrot Mayor Ed Lee's belief that the new tech boom (and the tax...

Lee avoids budget drama, but other fiscal fights loom

When Mayor Ed Lee unveiled his proposed $7.3 billion city budget today, it was a sharp contrast to the annual budget rituals of his...

What small business owners care about

May 17, 2012
Since the mayor's office still insists that any business-tax reform ought to be revenue-neutral, and since he and other continue to talk about the...

Low taxes are bad for business

The teachers at San Francisco's public schools are talking about going on strike. The contracts talks with the district are at an impasse. Things...

The mayor’s tech tax talks — and the legacy of the “Filthy 52”

April 30, 2012
Tech tax talks. I've always wanted to use that headline.And of course, the meetings in the Mayor's Office on the city's business tax involve...

The failure of Lee’s business tax plan

March 5, 2012
The Mayor’s Office and city finance officials are circulating drafts of a new business tax plan that would largely abolish the payroll tax and...

Bubbles, rising rents, and the politicians who fuel them

February 17, 2012
After neither Mayor Ed Lee nor Sup. Jane Kim were willing to return my calls to discuss the implications of their economic development policies...

Who will push progressive taxes in 2012?

January 6, 2012
Mayor Ed Lee talked to the Examiner about his plans for the next year, and it's a lot of the usual political crap: I'm...

Dick Meister: Strange bedfellows: Labor’s Tim Paulson and the Chamber’s Steve Falk

November 11, 2011
By Dick Meister Dick Meister, former labor editor of the SF Chronicle and KQED-TV Newsroom and a former city editor of the...

Warren Buffet’s money

August 15, 2011
Just about everyone I know has been emailing and posting and talking about the Warren Buffett New York Times oped piece on the mega-rich...

Board exempts some stock options as a massive business tax break proposal looms

The Board of Supervisors today approved legislation by Sup. Ross Mirkarimi that exempts some large technology companies from having to pay the city’s payroll...

Twitter, Mirkarimi and stock options taxes

May 16, 2011
Fist of all, and I hate to be harsh but I've been driven to it: Fuck Randy Shaw. I said from the start, from the beginning...

Selling the Tenderloin

Who really benefits from the Twitter tax-cut deal?

Focus on tax reform and scrap the sleazy giveaway

A few weeks ago, when the Guardian was the only media outlet in San Francisco that seemed to care about the huge Twitter/Mid-Market/Tenderloin tax...

Editor’s Notes

There are some nice concepts floating around for bringing in more city revenue

Class of 2010: Scott Wiener

His top priorities in D8 are transit, jobs, and preserving entertainment and nightlife