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Burning Man takes anti-scalper and traffic control measures as tickets arrive

Most physical tickets to Burning Man were mailed out last week and, as many expected after a controversial ticket lottery with higher-than-expected demand, ticket...

Burning Man ticket requests far exceed supply

January 27, 2012
Burners' worst fears are about to come true: they'll be denied tickets to Burning Man when the results of the new lottery-based system are...

What not to M.O.O.P.

THE GUARDIAN GUIDE TO BURNING MAN: Burner designers move beyond disposable fashion

The future of Burning Man

THE GUARDIAN GUIDE TO BURNING MAN: In setting up its new nonprofit, the Black Rock City LLC board is looking beyond the event

Scribe’s Guide to Playa Prep

THE GUARDIAN GUIDE TO BURNING MAN: Tips and resources to get the most out of Burning Man

The Guardian Guide to Burning Man

Our guide leads you to the best art and parties on the playa -- and helps you prepare for the journey of a lifetime