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TABLEHOPPING: Brunch is trying to win the meal popularity contest in SF — and hey, we finally got a souvlaki joint!

Where to eat right now

Bacon Twix, rabbit curry, spicy panuozzo, avocado tacos: the hottest new spots in the city (that won't break your bank)

Brunch me

TABLEHOPPING New spots to hop out of bed for, Monday pizza at The Mill, and Off the Grid's TGIF fiesta.

Beautiful path to now

A groundbreaking art exhibit mines yoga's mythic past for clues about its vibrant present

Up valley

An overnight visit to St. Helena yields great eats (and killer English muffins).

Going back to Cali

TABLEHOPPING Stoner comfort food, dishes from Guam, chorizo burgers, and piroshki — just another day in SF.

Hit the road

Pack your overnight bag, we’re going to Napa! It’ll be fun, we promise

Horsing around

TABLEHOPPING: The Lunar New Year is here, and it's time to feast. Plus: powerhouse pop-ups, sandwich shops rising from the ashes, and more.

The basics

TABLEHOPPING: Pizza, burgers, banh mi, and brunch...what more do you need?

“V” for victory

TABLEHOPPING: New openings brought to you by the letter "V" — plus nifty North Beach spots for lunch and Sunday dinner.

The Performant: Epochalypse Now

December 31, 2013
Embracing the great unknown While it could be argued that every day represents a new year, with each date falling exactly one year after the...

Music Listings

December 25, 2013
WEDNESDAY 25ROCKElbo Room: 647 Valencia, San Francisco. 16th Annual Black X Mass, w/ Bite, The Death Medicine Band, Theremin Wizard Barney, Kitten on the...

Mole and mezcal

Sabrosa serves up sophisticated Mexican dishes and drinks

Mexican dude

TABLEHOPPING: Alta CA takes us higher, Comstock Saloon rocks some changes, and two new brunches light up those late, late mornings.

Music Listigs, November 27-December 3, 2013

November 27, 2013
WEDNESDAY 27ROCKBottom of the Hill: 1233 17th St., San Francisco. BFF.fm Launch Party, w/ The Happy Hollows, Deep Dimension, Kitten Grenade, DJ Jackson Sandland,...

On the veg

BOOKS ISSUE: Isa Chandra Moskowitz is back with 'Isa Does It,' a vegan cookbook for working stiffs


TABLEHOPPINGTwo Mexican restaurants to get you fired up, and the sub shop of your dreams

Vegan idol Isa Chandra Moskowitz brings ‘Isa Does It’ to SF, reveals restaurant name

November 12, 2013
The first thing you need to know about Isa Chandra Moskowitz is that she's a punky legend in the global vegan community. She started...

Playing chicken

TABLEHOPPING: Good starts at Café Terminus, stellar caffeine on Polk, and juicy chicken all up in your grill.


The wait line to get into excellent Inner Richmond Burmese restaurant Burma Superstar is legendary — so legendary that most of us stopped considering...

Best of the Bay 2013 Editors Picks: Food and Drink

October 15, 2013
FOOD AND DRINKEDITORS PICKSEditors picks are chosen by Guardian editors for special recognition for brightening the Bay Area experience.BEST ALL-NATURAL SWEETIE Juice may be...

Best of the Bay 2013 Readers Poll: Food and Drink

October 15, 2013
BEST OF THE BAY 2013: READERS POLLFood and Drink BEST OVERALL RESTAURANT NOPA 560 Divisadero, SFwww.nopasf.com BEST NEW RESTAURANT COQUETA The EmbarcaderoPier 5, SFwww.coquetasf.com BEST BUDGET RESTAURANT...

The procrastinator’s Treasure Island Music Festival to-do list

October 14, 2013
From snatching that perfect pair of tolerably uncomfortable shoes to sourcing stamina-inducing party favors, pre-music festival preparations are key. Unfortunately I’m a procrastinator to...

Hot and corny

New openings for two classic SF standbys, ravioli to die for, and a bad-ass brunch-o-rama.