Dancing in the streets

By Steven T. Jones The Mission District was jubilant tonight, with champagne-wielding, Obama-cheering groups of celebrants roaming the streets and woo-hooing at the constantly honking...

Anniversary Issue: Beyond the automobile

The road to sustainability has lanes for more than just cars

Get yer bike on: Gas-Free Fridays start tomorrow

By Amanda Witherell I've become a happier person since I sold my Jetta and started traveling almost exclusively by bicycle. Every time I've driven a...

Touching procession honors slain bicyclist

Story and photos by Kristin A. Smith Some came on fixed gears with spotless rims, others on basement bikes with balding tires. Some were clad...

Man in the middle

From Burning Man to Denver, there's a new politics emerging in America, maybe even a new American Dream -- and it's not all about Barack Obama

Palin’s shotgun wedding

Marry my daughter or else! By Tim Redmond I feel sorry for the kids. Sarah Palin's daughter is 17. Her boyfriend is either 17 or 18, depending...

People ride bikes

by Amanda Witherell Record bike attendance at Outside Lands Friday night I volunteered for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition on Friday evening, valet parking bikes during...

My bike accident: The city’s fault?

That was my first thought, sprawled on the pavement in the middle of a northbound lane on Van Ness Avenue: is this the city’s...

The Queer Issue

Looking ahead with a cute behind : Our fab outlaw past, wedding dos and don'ts, and complete Pride events

Pride 2008 events

The Queer Issue: A Planet Unicorn full of performances, events, clubs, and parties

Towards Carfree Cities: Everybody into the streets!

Steven T. Jones covered the Towards Carfree Cities conference, which closed yesterday with the first Sunday Parkways, and brought back these photos and words. Clear...

BMX Battles: Sit the fuck down — the Sean Parker story

By Duncan Scott Davidson. Read Duncan's article "Rise Above: The BMX Battles" here. Read his interview with Lotek's Ian Schwartz here. Read his interview...

BMX Battles: SJBMX’s Chris McMahon pumps, swaps, and copes

By Duncan Scott Davidson. Read Duncan's BMX Battles article here. Read his interview with pro biker Ian Schwartz here. Chris McMahon, occasionally referred to in...

BMX Battles: Ian Schwartz — rough trannies, vibed out, lines backwards

By Duncan Scott Davidson. Read the BMX Battles article here. Ian Schwartz is a 27 year-old-pro bike rider from Ohio. He’s sponsored by Sunday bikes...

Sealed with a fest

Upcoming shindigs, by the numbers: Harmony Festival, Berkeley World Music Festival, Outside Lands, Treasure Island, and Lovefest. Plus: little shows (and Little Teeth) not to miss

Rise above

Skateboarders were once outlaws. Now they're the establishment -- and they're trying to drive BMX bikers out of public parks. Can't we all just get along?

Scraper success

The Trunk Boiz are ridin' for Oakland

The Bike Issue: Getting in gear

10 things Bay Area cyclists should know

The Bike Issue: Don’t stop

Bike lessons from Idaho

The Bike Issue: Behind the pack

Can San Francisco regain its leadership role in making bicycles a safe and viable transportation option?

Concours d’Vrrroooommm

While we shine a little frowny face upon fossil fuel burning for the sake of it, we're suckers for antique motos (and, occasionally, ...

After the ruins

SF's pasts and futures -- and Chris Carlsson's Nowtopia

Careers & Ed: Pedalheads

Broakland Bikes bomb the Bay

Editor’s Notes

Double parking and parking in the medians is strictly illegal -- except on Sunday morning