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Connecting the dots between Lennar’s vendors

April 19, 2010
Tomorrow (April 20), the Board of Supervisors will decide whether to support Sup. Chris Daly’s resolution to urge the Lennar Corp. to issue a...

Black History Month in SF kicks off with dancing, future visions

February 10, 2010
By the time I made it to the 2010 Black History Month kickoff ceremony at San Francisco City Hall, on Friday, Feb. 5, California...

The DEIR that ate Christmas!

December 22, 2009
Text by Sarah Phelan. Photo by Ben Hopfer. I don’t know if Mayor Newsom took a copy of the city's 4,400 page draft environmental impact...

‘Can I buy your park?’

Critics challenge bill allowing luxury condos on Candlestick Point parkland

Shipyard gets giant stop work order

June 30, 2009
Text by Rachel Buhner and Sarah Phelan Photos by Sarah Phelan Protesters block the main entrance to the shipyard with a giant stop work order A sizeable...

Selling the park

Environmentalists oppose Lennar's effort to build condos on Candlestick Point parkland

Boxer wants to be shipyard clean-up’s “fair broker”

June 17, 2009
Text by Sarah Phelan Sen. Barbara Boxer’s office forwarded me a letter yesterday that highlights Boxer’s concerns regarding the cleanup and redevelopment of Hunters Point...

Going nuclear

Legislators demand better cleanup plans for a radioactive shipyard dump

The LA Times nails APRI

March 11, 2009
Fascinating story in the LA Times today about the A. Philip Randolph Institute. It focuses on James Bryant, the APRI president who earns $117,000...

BVHP realtors to discuss black crisis

March 5, 2009
Diane Wesley Smith, owner/broker of DWS/BVHP Real Estate Services, says that a newly formed group, the Bayview Hunters Point Real Estate Professionals, will meet...

Unsteady ground

Lennar, liquefaction and other related meltdowns

New member of the SFPUC?

November 26, 2008
by Amanda Witherell From left, Juliet Ellis with Manuel Pastor from UC Santa Cruz and Lori Reese-Brown with the city of Richmond The San Francisco Public...

Sue Lee and segregation

October 28, 2008
By Tim Redmond I find it hard to believe that D1 supervisor candidate Sue Lee is allowing her supporters to resort to this sort of...

Lennar asks feds for help–Republican senator blocks bill

June 26, 2008
Are we worried, yet? With San Francisco having climbed deeper into bed with Lennar thanks to Prop. G's passage, the bad news coming from...

Avoiding a Lennar meltdown

Supervisors should worry about homebuilder's finances

Uh-oh: Lennar’s $25 million shipyard funding gap

June 10, 2008
Sup. Chris Daly wants an immediate hearing into the fiscal health of Lennar’s construction project at Hunters Point Shipyard, (you know, the one...

Question of intent

As lawsuits and regulators probe Lennar Corp.'s negligent approach to development on Hunters Point, a new campaign seeks to give the embattled corporation even more control over SF

Lennar’s troubles continue

September 26, 2007
A busload of 49er fans based in Bayview Hunters Point traveled to the 49ers headquarters in Santa Clara today to ask the team owners...

Will the pro-parking Prop. H remain on the ballot?

August 23, 2007
Livable City executive director Tom Radulovich has asked the city Elections Department to remove the controversial pro-car measure Prop. H from the fall ballot...

Lennar, asbestos, ATSDR, El Dorado, BVHP

August 3, 2007
By Sarah Phelan ATSDR's Region 9 office covers a lot of ground, including San Francisco's Hunters Point Shipyard. Susan Muza works at the Region 9 office...

BVHP referendum remains in legal limbo

By Sarah Phelan This map shows just how huge the redevelopment project ( the yellow area) in Bayview Hunters Point has grown. San Francisco Superior Court...

Challengers to Newsom

Steven T. Jones There's been much fretting among Mayor Gavin Newsom's critics that no serious candidate has yet stepped forward to challenge him. But that's...

Artists put down paint brushes and pin Lennar down

April 30, 2007
By Sarah Phelan Shipyard artist Lynn Rubenzer in her studio So, the artists at Hunters Point Shipyard succeeded in getting their concerns mentioned in the "Conceptual...

Artists to Newsom-Lennar: Get specific

April 24, 2007
By Sarah Jane Phelan Estrelle Akamine, shipyard artist and Spring Open Studio coordinator, at work in her Hunters Point Shipyard studio. As the 49ers roll out...