Fish in the balance

› When I write about seafood these days, I cringe a little, wondering whether, by describing the eating of fish, I am in effect...


Thurs/2 Music Measha Brueggergosman While the San Francisco Opera’s busy playing it safe this season by reprising household-name works, our Symphony’s filling in the avant-garde gap with...

The Prop. 90 money trail

Who's behind the measure? Start with Grover Norquist

The first 40

40th Anniversary special: How we made it against all odds — and why we'll be here for the duration

No Pasaran!

The crowds -- huge crowds -- protest a corupt election in Mexico City. But what's the endgame?

Mexico splits in half

The election moves into the streets – and the U.S. needs to be paying attention

Oh, behave!

Super Ego gets schooled at the Be Nice Party

The great e-mail debate

› bitchenmail@techsploitation.comTECHSPLOITATION Geeks turn social events into intellectual debates, so it should be no surprise that intellectual debates are often an excuse for geeky...

Saluting small business

Small business in Rock Rapids, Iowa and San Francisco, 1902 to 2006

Whither Slither?

Slimy things in film.

SF’s economic future

Sometime early this spring, while most of Washington, D.C. was watching the cherry trees bloom and thinking about the impending Iran-contra hearings, a few...