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Ross for boss (of the sheriff’s department)

City Hall’s steps were awash in multi-lingual black and yellow “Ross Mirkarimi for Sherrif” signs at noon today, as Mirkarimi supporters watched Sheriff Mike...

Redevelopment debate full of bum choices

March 2, 2011
At the Potrero Hill Democratic Club’s debate about Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to ax local redevelopment agencies to balance the state’s $26 billion deficit,...

SF’s redevelopment miracle

Since 1990, the Redevelopment Agency has become the major funder of affordable housing in San Francisco, pouring more than $500 million into low-cost housing

Elsbernd defends Lee (but ducks the Tapas)

January 7, 2011
Well, Sean didn't stop by for tapas at Que Syrah last night, but he did take the time to send me a long letter...

Backroom Ed Lee mayoral deal raises suspicions

January 5, 2011
Last night’s dramatic eight-hour Board of Supervisors meeting, at which six supervisors suddenly came together around naming City Administrator Ed Lee to succeed Gavin...

The problem with Ed Lee

January 4, 2011
Is not just that he's the candidate of the conservatives on the board; I don't even know at this point how to describe his...

Dufty the swing vote — and talking to Newsom

January 4, 2011
The Board of Supervisors has gone into recess with a split vote on either Ed Lee or Mike Hennessey as interim mayor. One supervisors...

Jerry Brown wants to eliminate Redevelopment

January 4, 2011
Calitics reveals today that newly sworn-in Gov. Jerry Brown told the Sacramento Bee that he’s proposing to eliminate local redevelopment agencies as part of...

Backroom meetings precede today’s mayoral succession vote

January 4, 2011
There's been a flurry of political speculation and backroom discussions leading up to today's final meeting of the current Board of Supervisors, which is...

All candidates duck; mayoral forum cancelled

January 3, 2011
I was all excited about moderating a Harvey Milk Club discussion tonight on the next mayor, and getting a chance to ask the candidates who...


December 28, 2010
steve@sfbg.comFRIDAY, DEC. 31 Critical Mass Pedal your way toward a strong finish of 2010 by taking part in Critical Mass, a monthly San Francisco tradition...

Get out of the way, Mr. Mayor

Newsom knew when he decided to seek higher office that he'd be leaving the city early if he won

EDITORIAL: Get out of the way, Mr. Mayor

December 28, 2010
 Let us begin with the obvious: Mayor Gavin Newsom has absolutely no business deciding who should replace him. His petulant statements suggesting that he...

Mayoral dynamics

Supervisors survey the tricky path to Room 200

Big day at the Board of Supervisors

December 14, 2010
Before the Board of Supervisors can adjourn for the year, it has some serious business to take care of at this afternoon's regular meeting:...

The mayoral roulette

December 10, 2010
At the San Francisco Tomorrow holiday party Dec. 8th, David Chiu, Dennis Herrera, John Rizzo, Jake McGoldrick and a host of others who I've...

Caretaker mayor concept blasted by Daly

November 26, 2010
There's been much talk about naming a “caretaker mayor” to replace Mayor Gavin Newsom in January – most of it coming from downtown-oriented politicians,...

Editor’s Notes

November 9, 2010

One of the little-noticed facts about this supervisorial election is that the majority of the members of the next Board of Supervisors will be either Asian or gay

Willie Brown and accusations of machine politics in D6

October 14, 2010
A political mailer promoting progressive supervisorial candidate Jane Kim was funded primarily by former Mayor Willie Brown through a campaign committee that Kim consultant...

Get a clue, Randy Shaw

October 6, 2010
I read BeyondChron every day, and Randy Shaw, who operates the site, and Paul Hogarth, his managing editor, often have interesting commentary. But I’m...

Agnos: “I think Gavin’s gonna lose”

Former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos told the Guardian last night that he'd welcome the chance to be appointed a “caretaker mayor” for a...

Kim launches D6 campaign, stressing independence from “machine” politics

Jane Kim launched her campaign for the District 6 seat on the Board of Supervisors last night during a spirited event at 111 Minna,...

SF mayoral analysis in the NY Times misses the mark

I have praised Bay Citizen's early work and I think Gerry Shih is a smart young reporter, but I think their analysis of who...

And now, the race to replace Kamala Harris

June 16, 2010
David Onek, who has strong political connections and little courtroom experience, sent out a email today announcing that he wants to be San Francisco's...