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American Idol

MIA way

Waiting on the global dancefloor darling

Praise the Lordi!

The Finnish monster rockers are coming to Ozzfest

Tastes like chicken

Doc American Cannibal feasts on reality TV

All hail Air Guitar Nation

Bang your head and break out your best moves, rockers. Director Alexandra Lipsitz's Air Guitar Nation was one of the sweet, funny, and shockingly...

Endless things

The Junior Boys channel senior citizens to create future sounds

NOISE: Grammy jammy, the final 5: Wolfmother, T.I., Lewis Black, Carrie Underwood, Chamillionaire

February 16, 2007
Oh I could have danced all night; I could go on forever about the Grammys. But I won't. I'll spare you. But here are...

NOISE: Grammy rammies, mach II: larnin’ annex

February 14, 2007
More Grammy jottings from my laptop - and thoughts on how to come correct to the event: What me, available? Courtesy of Fashion Wire...

Strive for More Music Showcase

The art of soul singing is far from dead

Hairdresser on Fire

Local locksmith Joe Hamer picks Golden Globes poufs

Pop lives

Phil Collins (not that one) and Fahamu Pecou add spirit to Warhol's legacy.

Oh TV, up yours!

Animal Charm, Bryan Boyce, and TV Carnage chart the outer limits of piracy

Project Censored on the Will and Willie show at 8:05 a.m. Wednesday on 960 the Quake radio

September 12, 2006
Why didn’t the Conglomerati Media cover this major local news story? Peter Phillips, director of Project Censored, will make a rare mainstream media appearance...


Here is Project Censored's latest edition of junk food news — stories that got far more attention than they deserved.

Discs, man

Enter the weird, wonderful world of new music releases

NOISE: More dispatches from the all-girl band front – from All Girl Summer Fun Band

July 25, 2006
What better band to speak to about all-female groups than Portland, Ore.'s All Girl Summer Fun Band. I e-mailed to Kathy Foster (drums, bass,...