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American Idol: Casey kisses J-Lo!

April 21, 2011
Wow, a real-life Idol moment: Casey, who was voted off and saved by the judges a few weeks ago, who is by far the...

American Idol: Bye, Paul

April 15, 2011
I finally got one right, and so did America. Well, I almost got it right -- I predicted that Paul, Stefano and Lauren would be...

American Idol: Where’s Simon when we need him?

April 14, 2011
Well, we don't get far into the show before Ryan Seacrest reminds us all that Jennifer Lopez has just been named the Most Beautiful...

American Idol: The Pia shocker

April 8, 2011
When I first saw that Jacob was in the bottom three, I wondered: Did the hard-core Christian vote fail to turn out in a...

American Idol, Motown edition

March 24, 2011
So Simon Cowell seems to think that the judges are too nice this year and there's too much sappy drama. I'm with him on the second...

American Idol: First bad vote

March 18, 2011
What's the matter -- nobody but Steven Tyler celebrates St. Patrick's day? Jennifer must have some sort of green outfit she could wear. But no: Other...

American Idol: Elvis and the Lion Queen

March 17, 2011
I was out at the SPJ FOI Awards event early in the evening, so I missed the first few performances, but no worries: Vivian...

American Idol: Adam Lambert and Diddy

March 11, 2011
My first question: How are they going to fill an hour getting rid of one person (when Survivor does it at the end of...

American Idol: Easy on the lipstick, Jennifer

March 10, 2011
So J-Lo walks out with the other judges in a kind of a three-way hug (with the girl in the middle, of course; this...

American Idol: Well, at least that’s over

March 4, 2011
How long does it take to tell 10 contestants that they're in and 14 that they might have to go home? Particularly when there...

American Idol: The women struggled a bit

March 3, 2011
Not as great a night for the women, I have to say. The guys pretty much blew everyone away, but I only saw one...

American Idol: The boys bring it

March 2, 2011
I'm not taking it all back (yet) cuz I still think all the tears and drama are stupid, but Ihave to say: the guys...

Worst American Idol ever

February 25, 2011
Ok, American Idol. I sat through four hours this week. And yeah, Randy is Randy and Steven Tyler is a rock god and J-Lo...

On the Cheap Listings

January 18, 2011
Events listings are compiled by Jackie Andrews. Submit items for the listings at listings@sfbg.com. For further information on how to submit items for the...

Winner takes it all

Sounds Like Teen Spirit: A Popumentary brings garish joy to the new International Children's Film Festival


September 16, 2010
The San Francisco Film Society Fall Season kicks off with the NY/SF International Children's Film Festival, September 24-26 at Landmark's Embarcadero Center Cinema....

Michael Franti’s bare feet

September 9, 2010
Entering into its twelfth year of existence this weekend, Michael Franti's Power to the Peaceful music and yoga festival doesn't appear to pack quite the...

Will they come?

Outside Lands takes over SF once again with acts like the Strokes and Further -- but is it possible to build a better music festival?

The meme generation

Video Issue: Glee and contrivance mark the celebration as YouTube turns five

FEAST: 5 farm-fresh cocktails

Peak-season produce meets fine spirits

Pool loops

UK disco edit and electro-funk hero Greg Wilson sails beyond the vinyl revival, reel-to-reel in tow

“Waiting for Guffman” forever!

January 28, 2010
By Louis Peitzman In honor of SF Sketchfest’s Jan. 31 screening of Waiting for Guffman (1996) with star Fred Willard in person, I...

Getting Xmas Twisted

Twisted Sister tackles the holidays

False Idols

DECADE IN MUSIC: Pop went meta, exposing its gaga machinery