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Postal workers go postal with picket

*SEE UPDATED RESPONSE FROM RON MALIG BELOW* A group of local postal workers are hitting the streets this afternoon, Friday, and going postal on their...

Historic day

Today's various May Day celebrations and demonstrations in San Francisco are unique. Never before have we seen the labor, immigrant rights, youth, and anti-war...

No peace, no work

The ILWU hopes the dramatic act of shutting down West Coast ports will inspire Americans everywhere to oppose the war

Trans discrimination sparks fight

By Amber Peckham One of the first waves of protest over the move in Congress to remove transgender people from an anti-discrimination bill came from...

Letters as leverage

Bay Area activists are leading the fight against a new Bush administration crackdown on undocumented workers

Who will SEIU endorse for prez?

Since this is one of the fastest-growing unions in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the workforce -- and since it's president, Andy Stern,...

The business of censoring labor

Most people, of course, work for a living. They spend at least half their lives working and, in fact, define themselves by their jobs....

An Unhappy Anniversary for Labor

It was 25 years ago this month that Ronald Reagan struck the blow that sent the American labor movement tumbling into a decline it’s...

Poll position

Field Research Corporation is going over the top to keep unions out

Workers nights

Festival highlights 100 years of labor movement

Questioning their bosses

Field Poll interviewers are asking for a union and better treatment at work